Monday, May 23, 2011

Winchester Mystery House

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Ok, so I haven't been blogging as actively as I would like because Biology is taking up much of my time. We're dissecting a fetal pig in class and we have to do these Human Trivia Questions for homework. There are over 150 questions and I don't know when the due date is, so I'm going to do 10 questions a day. Yay for not procrastinating! Also, my Geometry teacher is so funny! In class he was teaching us Euler's theorem and then he pointed at a drawing of the mathematician and said, "He's one of those dead white guys on my wall over there!"
This weekend was pretty good, though. On Saturday, I celebrated my very good friend's Confirmation. My family went to their house and celebrated with his extended family. We had a great time and it gave me a great idea of what I should expect next year, when I'm confirmed. Last night, my brother watched Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Adventures with me. We got through 6 episodes. How mature are we? VERY MATURE! We did is more because I watched it, when I was little. It's so cute and guess what? It's from the 80's!
Anyways, I'm supposed to tell you about my trip to the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose from almost a month ago. I visited it before I preformed for History Day. (The way I talk about History Day, you'd think it was all I do in my free time.) When you walk in, you're greeted by cheery pastel colors and calliope music.
There are 160 rooms and all the rooms are just built over each other. It's just a rambling, twisting mansion. Legend has it that Mrs. Winchester was told by a psychic that in order to appease the spirits that killed her husband and newborn daughter, she had to build on her house continuously for the rest of her life. For 38 years, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, people built more and more onto her mansion. Where did she get all this money to build the house? Well, her husband was the owner of the Winchester Firearms Company, so she made $1,000 a day. (We aren't allowed to take photos, while on the tour, so this photo was rather rebellious of me!)
We're allowed to take photos from the outside, so look at how amazing this house is! It was an expanding mass, kind of like our universe! The architecture is quite beautiful, really, and you all know how much I love looking at pretty buildings...
This house is pretty crazy. There are doors that lead nowhere, doors that lead you into a wall, rooms with one way in and no way out, and sets of stairs with over 40 steps that only take you one floor up. See that black hole in the side of the house? That's the door that leads to nowhere. It's basically a window that can be opened all the way. Overall, I guess it wasn't that creepy, but I bet you $5 that if I had gone at night, I would've been scared out of my mind. On Friday the 13th, they let you into the house at night with only a small flashlight, so you can scare yourself silly.
If you're not into the creepier side of the Winchester Mystery House, I suggest spending your time outside, exploring the gardens. The gardens are stunning and you can look at all the pretty stained glass from the outside. It was such a nice distraction from the competition, but it was extremely expensive. It costs $30 a person! There are 3 tours, so there are cheaper options. Also, be warned, you aren't allowed to bring food or drinks inside and the food there is really expensive! It's really rather lovely. It's nice to imagine what it would've been like, when Mrs. Winchester was alive.
Have you gone through Confirmation or has anyone you've known gone through it?


  1. Wow...this house looks amazing and thats just from the outside.

    A Girl's Next Best Friend

  2. i've been there!! it's neat but is is sorta creepy heheh.. i didn't see any ghosts though.. i kinda wanted too.. but didn't at the same time hahaha.

    hehe he's my husband.. and yes he is truely wonderful :)

  3. The house is really mysterious, but amazing too!! I really want to go there and look for myself inside, but not at night :P....

  4. Gorgeous house, definitely a place I'd like to visit on day.
    On the matter of the confirmation question... I don't know what a confirmation is...

  5. Ohhhh!~ Lucky!~ I've always wanted to visit that house... I'm on the other side of the country, but I will make it there one day!~
    There are plenty of cool old creepy houses out here though~

  6. thank you soo much for the sweet comment you left on my blog!!... those pictures are sooo cool!!!! and that second last picture has such a cool door!! wth! LOL

  7. oh it sounds like a fun and intersteding ^^ it kind sounds like a house maze XD and i havent had a confirmation but i think i couple of ym friens have. I'm not religious though so I havent :/ XD

  8. I saw a segment about this mansion on the travel channel! On one of those shows where they list off the 10 most haunted places in America. :'3 Oh god when I first saw this house I thought it was the coolest one out of the ten.

    I've never been confirmed but the only person I know have who's been was my mom.

  9. J'Anns Boutique-You should see hte inside! it's crazy! ^^

    Lisa-Same here! I wanted to be creeped out, but I didn't at the same time! XD

    M'leikie-Hehe, you should go! I'm too chicken to scare at night! X3

    MelancholyChild-Confirmation is when someone confirms themself in their faith. :3

    Princess Gigglesnort-Oh, I want to visit the East Coast because I heard that there are tons of great houses to visit! Haha, we should switch places for a week or so! X)

    ThisIsAlx-You're welcome! I kind of wanted to peek my head out of that door! :3

    Hello Naka-Ooh, that's cool that you have friends, who've gone through it! I never thought of it as a maze, but I guess you're right! :D

    P o o p e r-Ooh, I want to watch that show! I would love to see what makes it so creepy because in the sunshine, it was really pretty! :)


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