Tuesday, September 13, 2011

End of Summer Shopping

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Reading: The Language of Composition (Chapter 1) by Renee H. Shea, Lawrence Scanlon, and Robin Dissin Aufses (AP English textbook)
One of my posts that got the most comments was my End of Summer Shopping I did last summer, so this is my attempt to make this an annual thing. It's kind of interesting to see how different my gets are this year compared to last year. No cutesy graphic tees or hair things...Maybe I'm dressing more boring now? Or maybe I'm just changing?
My stylish friend, Jessy, introduced me to American Rag Cie and I've been loving it. I grabbed an interesting sweatshirt from Mike Gonzalez there and a grey knit tank top dress by American Vintage. I haven't worn dresses/skirts to non-formal events in a long time. In 4th grade, I realized how great jeans are and I haven't looked back since! So this is my attempt to wear non-jeans once in awhile...
At Urban Outfitters, I grabbed a cardigan from BDG and a lace button up shirt from Sparkle and Fade for only $10! I've been into primary colors, so this was my attempt to incorporate them into my wardrobe. Also, I love lace and button up tops, so this shirt was pretty great for me. I  like how it's lace, but it's not white or black like most laces. (Edit-The lace shirt is horribly made. I wore it for one day and the seams started to get fussy and the elastic in the lace is popping out, so it looks like there's clear hair growing out of it. I will definitely not be buying another Sparkle and Fade product in the near future.)
Nordstrom's junior department has been so disappointing for me. A lot of the clothing feels cheap and ill constructed. I expect Nordstrom to sell higher quality clothing than what I used to find at Mervynn's. A lot of the brands there, I haven't even seen ever since Mervynn's went out of business. I grabbed the striped nautical sweater by rubbish at Nordstrom and then headed to Barney's Co-Op. Barney's is so lovely. I love almost everything there, but things are a bit pricey and I feel guilty buying expensive goods, so I only grabbed this red and black striped top from Splendid. I took a picture of the back because the back is the best part. I love how they did the stripes. Oh my, it seems I've bought three striped things already...
Now these two items are my pride and joy from my shopping extravaganza. I bought a sheer grey button up from Karl Lagerfield for Impulse. Karl is such a genius and I wanted so many things from the collection. However, I could only get one, so this is what I got.  I wanted a top that had Karl Lagerfield's image on it, but I knew my friends would think I'm wearing just any elderly man's image on my shirt...Since it was rather expensive, my mother decided to get the Macy's card, which gets you 20% off one purchase and 15% off the rest of your purchases, so I decided to grab this Giorgio Armani perfume I've been eying for awhile.  Acqua di Gioia has been my favorite for a long time, so I'm delighted to have gotten it. For awhile I was thinking about getting L'eau D'Issey instead, but I decided to go with my long time favorite instead of my new infatuation.
Have you bought anything cool lately? It doesn't have to be clothes. It can be a cool appliance like a panini press...
PS I feel like I'm running behind on my posts because I haven't even finished my Istanbul photos or started on my Northern California trip...


  1. wonderful purchases, not boring at all!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  2. nice buys i would love to share a wardorb eiwht you ^^ and i hope you're feeling better i understand what you mean, try not to take on too much, i feel bad i cant see my bf as muc because of college :(

  3. ohh love the things you picked up!! especially that sweatskirt with the ruffle detailing.. so pretty!!

    i also really love the last one the sheer skirt is so pretty :)

  4. nice stuff here, I love the last shirt<3

  5. The Karl Lagerfield shirt is indeed really amazing! It will look awesome and stylish forever too, it's so classic. I want to start buying classic pieces for my wardrobe and then just add a couple trendy pieces in as the seasons change^^

  6. laura-Thank you! :)

    Hello Naka-Your wardrobe is so much fun! It's be really cool to share wardrobes with you! I hope we're the same size. :D (My friend says it's ok and I've made it up to her, so thank you for your support!)

    Lisa-Thanks! I still need to wear both of them, but the weather hasn't been right...D:

    RA-Thanks! That shirt is my prize from this summer! :3

    SARA MARI-That's what I've been wanting to do, but I always find certain trends that I just can't help but buy them! For classic pieces, solid clothes that suit your bodytype will always be good! ^^

  7. i own a panini press...i've used it once LOLLL

    you got some great things. esp love that grey jacket in the 1st pic!

  8. ShinyPrettyThings-No way! I want a panini press because I think I could use it as a cleaner way for grilling things! :D


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