Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fashion's Night Out

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I went to celebrate Fashion's Night Out for the first time. Last year I couldn't go because of homework and this year homework almost stopped me, but I was determined to go! It was only my first day of school, so I zoomed through my homework, got changed into something semi-comfortable and picked up Jessy to go! Jackie was supposed to come, but last minute cross country stopped her, so she'll just have to come with us next year.
Here's the proof that I went to Fashion's Night Out and not just on any other random day, so here you go, a photo of the Jimmy Choo store. Jessy and I went to South Coast Plaza because I really wanted to go to Burberry. (Burberry is my love.)
Most of the stores celebrated by giving out free champagne, appetizers, or desserts. Like Max Mara gave out cupcakes, but I didn't try any of them because I hadn't eaten dinner yet and didn't want to spoil my dinner. Chanel was doing free manicures and nail painting, but Jessy and I skipped on that to look at the new Chanel flaps. A lot of stores had DJ's going on, which made it hard for Jessy and me to talk to each other about what we loved this season.
I just wanted to show you a photo of Jessy's outfit because I loved her skirt! It was so flowy and it looked amazing, when she walked. We were looking at Marni and this was actually my first time going in the Marni store. Love the coat racks!
While we were walking around South Coast Plaza, we saw this man carrying a huge wedding dress and Jessy told me the guy was on Project Runway. It took me awhile to get my camera out and that's why the photo is of his back. I wanted a picture of his face, so I could try to figure out who he was, so if you recognize his design aesthetic and know him, let me know!
Jessy was wearing wedges and I was wearing my uncomfortable vintage boots, so we had to take some breaks, as the night wore on. (OH PUN! GET IT WORE, LIKE CLOTHES? Excuse my lame sense of humor...) We sat in the Gucci store because Gucci's gowns are amazing and because we were making our way to miu miu and Louis Vuitton!
This is the only photo of me I go that night and it's a photo of me with my chubby cheeks smiling awkwardly in the Gucci store. I love how half of the photo is of a Gucci trench coat. By the way, if I moved to New York City or London, I think I would start a trench coat collection. I really like how you can wear a plain top, skinny jeans, boots/Converse, and the trench coat and look completely pulled together!
Of course, the best part of going to Fashion's Night Out was people watching! This lady had a bunch of interesting pieces on, but it didn't go together smoothly. I think each piece was good on it's own, but all together? Really, it was a tad much for me. I was going to ask her for a photo, but then I felt bad asking her for a photo, when I knew I was going to say her outfit was too much...
Overall, the evening was a nice way to spend time with my friend and to forget that school had started. It also gave me an excuse to go into so many of the stores I had never been into before. I grabbed tons of catalogs like I always do, when I go to the mall. I seriously love these things. It's like having a book with the whole season's looks. Chloe's are especially nice and last season, Prada and miu miu had wonderful ones. I'm still waiting for miu miu and Prada to get their F/W 2011 catalogs in and for Burberry to mail me mine. The people at miu miu are so nice. One of the salesmen saw that Jessy and I had a lot in our arms, so he grabbed us bags to put them in. Free advertising for them, but so convenient for us! Since Jackie couldn't come with us, I decided to give her one of my Max Mara catalogs. I hope she can come with us next year.
How did you spend your Fashion's Night Out? Leave me a link of your day, if you did a post on it!


  1. omg looks so fun!!! too bad u didn't get a better picture of the project runway designer hehe i've watched like every season. now i'm curious!

  2. I was so sad I missed FNO. Looks like you had a lot fun though!

  3. looks like a great time, fab pictures! love your blog <3

    follow me if you love to, and i'll follow you back :)

  4. ShinyPrettyThings-You watch every season? :D Who do you want to win this season? I want Anthony Ryan, Viktor, or Olvier! I love those three!

    KyandiiCandy-Join me next time! ♥

    GeekyGlamorous-I hope you can go next year! One year I want to make it to Rodeo Drive and New York City! ^^

    Mitha Komala-Hehe, I'll have to go check out your blog! :3

    I'm so glad you had such a lovely evening
    and I absolutely adore South Coast Plaza

  6. Sasssquatch-You've been there? :D It's my favorite mall ever! ^^

  7. To high brand for me, but it looks cool!

  8. Piperita Patty-I always love high end stores! I hope I can shop at them one day! :D

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