Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Playing: Get Back-Alexandra Stan
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School is starting on Thursday, so I'm a tad nervous. I hope I have tons of classes with my friends and that my teachers are understanding. Hopefully, my classes will be interesting and won't be too stressful. Once school starts, I will try my best to blog as often as I have during summertime. However, I can't make promises because I'm taking lots of AP and honors classes this year.
On Saturday, I did some charity work at South Coast Plaza for the Festival of Children and guess who I saw there? Hello Kitty! I love Hello Kitty, so I just had to take a picture of her made out of canned food! It's amazing what people can do with the most ordinary of things.
I went to Pink's Hollywood because I've been seeing them all over Food Network. I tried the one at LAX, but I really wanted to go to the real one. It's cool how the person that takes your order also makes your order. It's like an assembly line.
Mushroom and Swiss Dog, Mullholland Drive Dog, Lord of the Rings Dog, and Onion Rings
My family and I are pigs. We ordered three hotdogs, a burrito, and an order of onion rings. I have to admit that their onion rings are some of the best I've ever had. The Mushroom and Swiss Dog was good, but compared to the others, it was only alright. The Lord of the Rings Dog was tasty, but it was basically a hot dog with onion rings and barbecue sauce. Since it's named after some of my favorite movies, I still had to get it. The Mullholland Drive Dog was the best one I got that day. It come with three slices of bacon, grilled onions, mushrooms, and nacho cheese. It was absolutely delicious. The chili cheese dogs are what they're known for, which I got at LAX, and it's probably my second favorite after the Mullholland Drive Dog.
Pink's also has a great selection of vintage sodas, so I grabbed a Peach one, which was too sweet. I should've gotten the Bubble Up! I used to drink Bubble Up! all the time, when I was little.
Afterwards, I went to the Griffith Park Observatory because lately, I've really been into space and stars. One day I would like to go to space, but not until it's perfectly safe and foolproof. I'm too scared of being lost in space forever...
Griffith Park is also great for hiking and looking at Los Angeles because the view is great. You can see the Hollywood sign in the background. There were so many tourists taking pictures with it in the background including a French and a German family! I love seeing foreign tourists wherever I go...
While I was driving around, I saw a Blockbuster, so I had to go run in to grab some movies. All the Blockbusters by my house have closed, so seeing this one made me happy. I grabbed Sixteen Candles, Beetlejuice, and Big Fish because I love 80's movies that star the Brat Pack and I'm trying to watch all of the Tim Burton movies. I also bought The Breakfast Club at Blockbuster and Gillian let me borrow The Blind Side. All of theses movies are great, but Big Fish was the best. It's an adventure that took a lifetime to make. (You'll understand that statement, if you've watched it.) I actually want to buy Big Fish now...
What did you do this Labor Day? What type of movies do you like?


  1. OMGOSH GIANT LEGO HELLO KITTY!!!!! i love pinks hotdogs ;p

  2. that HK is so cool!!! wonder how long it took.

    i've always wanted to try Pinks, i too see it on Food Network all the time hahaha

    oh man, i can't believe u managed to find a blockbusters. all the ones near me closed. so sad! i loved the Blind Side, it's really good!

  3. Lisa-Aren't they delicious? :3 Hello Kitty is actually made out of canned foods! :o

    ShinyPrettyThings-Probably took a long time! If you visit CA, try Pink's, but be warned, the line is long! Dish Network bought Blockbusters, so they're working on getting they're old customers back and opening more. :)

  4. yes it is I, Jessica! :D i really love reading your blog, it's so detailed whereas mine is just ....pictures hahahah i do have a tumblr but that mainly consists of pictures too so yeah . And yes! my title came from Moulin Rouge i really like that movie
    We haven't talked in ages! ohmy. how are you?

  5. i love Alexandra Stan!! not because of great music but also for her name =P hehe and omeee that hello kitty is soooooooo amazing!


  6. binary-sunset-Haha, I'm good. When I first saw your picture, I thought it was you, but then I wasn't completely sure, since it's been years! Haha, I've been loving Moulin Rouge this summer! :)

    ThisIsAlx-Her music isn't great, but the song was stuck in my head for awhile! XD


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