Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Project Runway Finale

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The Project Runway Finale was very disappointing and I'm questioning myself as to why I watch Project Runway. Three out of the four seasons that I have watched have ended in my disappointment with who has won. The only person that has won, where I believe he completely deserved it, was Seth Aaron and I still completely stick to my original opinion that Mondo Guerra deserved to win. This season angered me the most because I purposely skipped my school's homecoming game thinking to myself, "Joshua or Viktor is definitely going to win and that will be really satisfying to see Anya go home!" on the bright side, at least I went to the water polo game that day to watch my friend from another school play.
Viktor Luna's collection showcased his perfect tailoring and his good taste. I  think in terms of what I would want to spend my money on, this was the collection is the winner. I can see myself wanting almost all of the pieces in the collection.The prints totally remind me of Alexander McQueen S/S 2010 and I loved how he edited the photos he took of Mexico to create these beautiful prints. I don't think it's fair how the judges criticized him for making so many black and sheer pieces. They told him to put in a plain black outfit for the white jacket. Then Michael Kors said sheer is used as a shock factor, not for multiple outfits, but I have seen many designers like Valentino and Alexander Wang do multiple sheer outfits in one collection. I also truly believe that in terms of long term success, Viktor has the best chance of moving himself in the same direction as Christian Siriano. To see the rest of his collection and where I got the above photos from, click here. Viktor also has a blog, which you should check out.
Joshua McKinley definitely has some amazing ideas and he's full of them. He knows how to push the envelope and how to create new and exciting looks. Overall, I felt his show was the most innovative and I loved his use of plastic because it's something I can see Christopher Kane doing. His collection was unconventional, but also something that I can see people buying and wanting. I love the blazer in the first photo and I would definitely wear that. In terms of having the ideas, Joshua has them and he can make them happen. The one thing the judges kept on saying is, "This is a design competition, not a sewing competition." Well, both Viktor and Joshua can sew and they have the ideas! Since I couldn't find any good photos to showcase the whole collection, I used the one from this website.
 Even though Anya won, I truly don't think she has the best collection. I agree that her dresses looked nice, except for the 4th one in the collage, which looks like a potato sack, but they all look the same. All of them had that insanely deep v-neck that isn't realistic for anyone to wear unless their name is Paris Hilton. I live in Southern CA and I've never seen people wear clothing like this. The other thing that bothered me a lot about her winning is the fact that in the past, other contestants have lost for showing the same thing at fashion week as they have shown the whole season and Anya has shown what she calls "a consistent point of view" and the judges never saw anything wrong with her showing the same Caribbean thing again and again. Also, do you really believe that Anya can translate to F/W? Real designers have to do both S/S and F/W, but this whole Caribbean look doesn't work in the fall, winter, or even in the city. Let me end my rant with a few concluding sentences because I won't want to leave you hanging or anything...Overall, I don't think Anya deserved it compared to Joshua or Viktor, who can sew and have the ideas. Also, no one wears Anya's clothes and I don't think she's all that creative. She sews what the same look as the clothes she buys for herself. It just isn't fair. Even though you probably don't want to see her whole collection because it's so repetitive, I'm gonna link it anyways, since I got  the photos from here too.
Who designed your favorite collection?
PS I'm so lame for choosing a TV show over homecoming. And I know that I used tons of run on sentences in this post and that it's pretty long. Also, I purposely didn't show Kimberly's collection because her collection didn't add anything to this post. To avoid copyright issues and all that, let me say this, I don't own the images and I have linked the source of where I've gotten them from. However, I did put the first and last collages together.


  1. I love, love, love Anya. She was my favorite contestant throughout the season however, I don't think she deserved to win. I definitely thought Viktor or Josh was going to take home the prize. I thought Kim's collection was super weak. :|

  2. Geeky Glamorous-I thought Kimberly didn't really even deserve to be there. Anya does have great ideas and she seems really nice. It just bothers me how the judges keep on going back on their word. They criticized Andy last year for doing the same thing every challenge, when Anya did the same thing every challenge this year.

  3. Oh gosh, I used to be so into Project Runway but haven't kept up at all this season. From these images, I would say the first set looks the most impressive. Also, I was trying to find your email, but don't see it anywhere on here?

  4. mai-I don't really use my email anymore, so it's really no use putting it up on my blog. I've been really into Project Runway for the past 4 seasons, but I think I'm going to stop now. :)

  5. I love Project Runway, as ridiculous as it is at times! Personally, I was rather displeased Anya won, Viktor really seemed to have the talent to back up his place there!

  6. Kailey-I know what you mean! I think Viktor is the only one who had the brains and the talent to launch his career. Plus, his name would look so cool on a tag! XD


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