Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It Actually Rained

Playing: Get Lost-Patrick Wolf
Reading: Who Are you Calling Girly? by Eric Wilson
For a few days or so, it was actually cooling off in Southern California, but now the temperature is reaching the high nineties again. In fact, it even rained for a day or two last week, which gave me the opportunity to try a new restaurant, Ken's Ramen. Whenever it's cold, I immediately start to crave warm soups or stews, so I ordered the Tonkotsu Ramen with extra chashu pork, which was a bit dry, and corn. Although I enjoyed my meal, I wouldn't say it's a must try.
After lunch, I drove down to SanBar to buy a few more fish for my saltwater tank. I've actually been scouting out the perfect puffer fish for months now and I'm proud to say I found the prefect one! My porcupine puffer's name is Jacques and he loves to eat lettuce and swims up to me whenever I walk past the tank. He's the most interactive fish I've ever had. I believe the other fish is a queen angelfish, but it doesn't look like the other ones I've seen. My mum named it Ninja, since it has a mask around it's eyes. Unfortunately, it's very shy and hasn't eaten for the past two days.
I also bought some pro-American ice cream from Ben&Jerry's that day, since my APUSH teacher is super pro-America and has passed on the spirit to the class. He even has the flag painted on one wall plus various murals dedicated to past presidents. Americone Dream is one of my favorite ice creams of all time and just makes me love Stephen Colbert even more than I already do. The Boston Cream Pie flavor was good, but the texture was a bit grainy due to the cake pieces in it.
This post is really incoherent, I know, so I apologize. I wanted to share with you another outfit I wore, which really doesn't suit my pale complexion, but hey, it was trench coat weather. I wore Mango jeans, an Ann Taylor LOFT cardigan, an Ann Taylor LOFT tank top, Converse sneakers, and my mum's Burberry Brit trench coat, which is two sizes too big for me. You can tell the trench is too big on me, but I was just dying to borrow it from my mum and wear my maroon jeans with something navy.

Going back to the topic of APUSH and patriotism, here's a music video of America telling England it's too late to apologize. We watched this in APUSH and besides it being really awkward, it's a great conversation starter. Really, who would've ever guessed that our founding fathers liked to jam together and play their fiddles on the top of a mountain? Check it out. You really should.


  1. *drool* your ramen looks so nommy!! i love love stephen colbert too!!

    cute outfit the maroon jeans w/ the navy blue jacket is super cute!!

  2. omg you have a puffer?! that's so cool, do they actually puff up? have you seen it puffed up? :D

  3. Haha so funny names
    for the fishes :P Maybe
    you can teach Jacques
    cool tricks like swim
    trough a hoop?

    Anyway, I love the
    bordeaux Mango jeans!


  4. Lisa-Thank you! The Colbert Report is one of my favorite shows!

    Pop Champagne-They do puff up, but mine hasn't puffed up yet. My past puffers have though. (:

    Ice Pandora-I would love to teach him that! That's a great idea!

  5. Ah I love Ben&Jerry's but it's just so expensive here. And you fish are funny! What a funny pet.

  6. Oh oui c'était génial :D J'espère que les visiteurs ont aimé mon projet ♥

  7. It's well cool to have a puffer fish! I've wanted a saltwater fish tank, but I heard it's a lot of work to upkeep it? I've only ever had regular fishies (arowana, flowerhorn etc.). None of them interacted with me, though lol

  8. Selina-It's pretty expensive here too, but I bet with shipping, it's even more expensive where you are! D:

    Francois-Je suis sur que les visiteurs aimerez ton projet!

    Joey-It's a lot harder than the freshwater tank mostly because we have to regulate the temperature and it's harder to clean. If you're going to get one, read up on it a bit! (:

  9. this is so major, the yellow is awesome
    great inspiration! love the pic!
    thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!

  10. Jen Umm-Haha thanks! I'm guessing you're talking about my yellow jeans in the post above?

  11. I'm the same way when it comes to cold weather and craving soup! Ramen is a constant favourite.

  12. Lisa-Soup is just so comforting and warm. That's why it's perfect for winter! :3


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