Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Shoot, Bang, Fire!"

Playing: Heroes-David Bowie
Reading: Elle October 2012
Lately, I've been in a creative mood, where all I want to do is create and draw in my notebook. I bought some tools to help with that last weekend. I have an obsession with colorful pens and markers for multiple reasons. First of all, I like colors. Second of all, I have hoarder tendencies, when it comes to stationary and office supplies. Thirdly, if I take my school notes in colored ink, I'm more likely to soak up the information. It's a win-win-win. Plus, the pastel highlighters are just so pretty. How could I not buy them?
Also, last week was my mum's birthday, so my dad bought a Burberry purse for her that he picked out all by himself. He has impeccable taste, doesn't he? It's a dark turquoise color in really life and when he bought it, it wasn't even available to the public yet, so they had to get it out of the backroom for him. Unfortunately, my mum is thinking about returning it, since it's so heavy.
Anyways, here's another outfit I wore to school. My English teacher has started to notice that I have a crazy shoe collection and will point out my shoes to the class on a daily basis. The boys behind me in English asked me if I ever wear the same shoes twice, so I smiled and told them, "Absolutely not." Haha, their faces were priceless. I hope they knew I was messing with them. I'm wearing a Zara blouse, a Zara sweater, Bullhead jeans, Cole Haan oxfords, and a Topshop backpack.
Here's a close up of my collar, which has metal edges. I was going to use another photo with my hair pulled back, so that you could see the metal edges better, but I wanted to show you how brown my hair is now. All the redness has faded and I'm back to being a brunette. I have a new hair stylist, who gave me layers. He told me he wants me to dye my hair a lighter color and blonde is the last color I need to try, so I'll probably dye my hair back to black and then blonde. What other colors should I try? I feel like I should try different shades of brown and go for a redder color.

Title from "The Magic Position (Sundark and Moonlight Version)" by Patrick Wolf


  1. aww your school outfit is so cute!! i heart your topshop backpack!!!

    your dad has amazing taste that burberry bag is sooo cute!! i HEART the bow!!!

  2. hahaha, I'd like to see their faces about the shoes.. xD I'm the opposite of you. I don't buy new shoes/sandals until the one I'm currently wearing gives up on me..

  3. Coloured pen obsessed victim no2 right here!

  4. cute outfit!

    X Jenny

  5. Lisa-Thanks! Unfortunately, my mum just returned the purse, so I won't get the chance to use it. D:

    aisyah Chronicles-Haha, I figured I stopped growing, so now I can buy a lot of shoes. When I was little, I knew I'd outgrow them so I didn't care.

    Caitlin-I saw your pen collection and I'm so jealous! If I ever visit England again, we should have an art day! :D

    Jenny-Thank you!

  6. You look cute in that
    casual outfit c: Love
    the Topshop backpack!

    Lol'd about the joking
    with the guys in your
    class :P

    I am not sure if blond
    will fit you :o I think
    darker color fits you
    more Audrey!

    And also happy birthday
    to your mom as well c:
    I think the handbag is
    really cute and it's
    so exclusive! Bummer
    about the heavyness..


  7. Ice Pandora-I'm not sure blonde would really suit me at all, but I really want to try all of the major hair colors out, so I feel like this is my last step. :D


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