Sunday, October 7, 2012

"The Fog That Surrounds Us"

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Reading: Season 10 Q&A: Gunnar Deatherage Predicts the Winner by Laura Reineke
After Cannery Row, my family and I went to Monterey's Fisherman's Wharf to look around. It's absolutely beautiful down there, especially when it's foggy. I like the way the fog looks like it's coming down over the hills in this photo and how the bright buildings pop out.
We walked up and down the pier for fishermen, looking at the sea lions swimming around, and then we went off to the more touristy area just to look around. My brother and I grabbed some roasted garlic from a stand that I can't remember the name of. The man selling them told us to eat it by itself with our hands, but then we saw another group, spreading it on bread. The people with bread probably had the right idea.
The drive back to Berkeley proved long and crowded due to a car accident, but luckily the scenery was beautiful. Once the fog cleared, the sky was open and immense, completely blue and clear. The fields were incredibly green and much nicer than the poor excuse of a farm we have in my town, where everything is wilted.
 By the time we got back to Berkeley, it was dinner time, so we went off to one of my favorite places in Berkeley, Brazil Cafe. They have a sit down restaurant that I haven't been to and then the shack along the road that I always go to. It's really quirky and the food is good, so I always have to go.
I ordered Pedro's Favorite Tri-tip Sandwich with a Mango Smoothie. If you're ever in the Berkeley area, this is a must try. The tri-tip is tender and tastes so amazing with the jalapeno peppers, onions, tomatoes, goat cheese, and their special sauce. The Mango Smoothie serves to cool down your mouth, when the peppers get to be too much. On a warm day, you can sit outside the little hut, but for the day I was there, it was too cold, so I sat around in my hotel room, eating. It was like room service, only cheaper.

Stole the quote from Henri Matisse


  1. Looks like an amazing time! xo

  2. ohh man a mango smoothie w/ a tri-tip sandwich sounds AMAZE!! salivating haha!!

  3. The fog at the harbor reminds
    me of a horror movie called
    'Fog' haha...

    Looks like you and the family
    having a great time c:
    Ah, next time we have the
    fried garlic with a nice


  4. Jaz xo-Yup! ^^

    Lisa-You should go and try these places when you come back to San Francisco!

    Ice Pandora-A horror movie called "Frog" sounds interesting. :o

  5. Oh ouuuui si tu viens a Paris, achetes ton sac là <3 :D xo.FB

  6. jalapeno peppers and goat cheese, two of my fav things in a sandwich, sounds delicious!

  7. Yeah we had fun :D This sandwich looks absolutely delicious *___*

  8. Francois-Oui, je dois demander a mon pere de m'acheter un sac Louis Vuitton. Haha, ou je dois travailler pour mon argent.

    Pop Champagne-Really? I've never had the combo in a sandwich before this. I'll have to try it in more. :D


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