Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Social Celebration of Halloween

Playing: Elle Me Dit-Mika
Reading: "Tim Burton: The Rolling Stone Interview" by David Breskin
Over the weekend, I went over to Sophie's house for a Social Celebration of Halloween aka a movie night filled with Halloween fun. Sophie baked some super cute cupcakes for us to snack on. I love the spider one she did! Everyone there brought snacks and we pretty much just acted like fat kids, while we watched Corpse Bride, Shaun of the Dead, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. We also played Scrabble and Sophie was on my team, so we deemed ourselves Team Kick Ass and unfortunately, we didn't kick ass.
With some leftover icing, Sarah drew little faces on her fingers to make petite people and she ended up licking them all off. Does that count as murder or cannibalism? Either way, that's not good news.
I went to Sophie's party dressed as a female Victor from Frankenweenie, but for the photo shoot we did, Sabrina gave me her kitty ears to match Sophie. We were doing a commercial for water brought to you by Mother Nature and our goal for the photo campaign was to make water look positively seductive. Just kidding. And now is a great time to tell you what I'm wearing. I'm wearing a Faconnable blouse, Bullhead shorts, my dad's leather belt from his college trip to Italy, and my favorite oxfords in the world by the marvelous Sam Edelman.
Sophie and I also practiced the delicate art of bitch facing and being artsy together. It was extraordinarily hot that day, so that's why we look worse than usual. Or it could be the fact that we're just being rebellious teenagers and that rebellion doesn't suit us very well.
But then Sophie, Sabrina and I just got weird. We had Breanne photograph us acting silly, doing parodies of popular poses that kids at school do, and pretending we were a part of Salvador Dali's Le Chien Andalou. Things just got weird. Let's expand on what weird is though. We started by vogue-ing Madonna style.
And we ended by trying to show off our Halloween spirit by holding pumpkins. We also danced around with bowls, mocking English teachers' interpretations of how bowls are a symbol for female sexuality. Overall, we just acted goofy or silly, while getting in the mood for Halloween by watching film after film. This is my second costume so far this year and I'm planning on going to school as cat on Halloween and then dressing up as Boy George. Man, I'm really getting into this Halloween thing.

Photo credits to Sophie, who told me to write this.


  1. cute cupcakes! they look nommy!

  2. What cute cupcakes!
    I would not have doubted you for a second if you really were making water seductive!

  3. Lol I think I'd just end up staring at those cupcakes instead of actually eating them :)) I'm weird that way.

    Never really got into dressing up for Halloween. I mostly enjoyed just looking at others getting dressed haha.

    Thanks for sharing though!


  4. Nice cupcakes, and i'm DYING to see Frankenweenie! Tim Burton is such a hero. You look lovely <3

  5. Ah the cupcakes are too cute xo

  6. those pumpkins are so sall and cute and water is pretty damn sexy, i just cant resist it :p the cupcakes look great and i love the cat ears ^^

  7. Lisa-Yup!

    prancing bee-Oh why thank you!

    Ada-Really? I love getting dressed up!

    Caitlin-You have to go see it! It's amazing!

    Jaz xo-Yup!

    Hello Naka-Oh, thank you! ♥ We do make water look GOOD.

  8. The icing finger people are so funny!

  9. Such an happy Halloween
    party with your friends c:
    The cupcakes looks really

    Haha, that picture is
    really good trying to be
    'seductive' even tho I
    don't know that commercial :P


  10. Eria-Yup! (:

    Ice Pandora-The commercial doesn't actually exist. We were just goofing around! :D


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