Monday, November 19, 2012

Disney Magic

Playing: Locked Doors-Jack's Mannequin
Reading: Turning 30 and Making a Difference in a Music Business, Post Apocalypse by Andrew McMahon
Left to Right: Katrina, Tina, me, and Vivian
Ok, so for my birthday, I always celebrate multiple times with different groups of people and the latest round of celebrations was an over the top day at Disneyland with my amazing friends, Katrina, Tina, and Vivian. We took a lot of group photos, but this one is my favorite because we all look so sassy with Cruella De Vil. This happened to be Vivian's first time at Disneyland too, so Katrina and I had a fun time showing her around, since Disneyland is like a second home to us.
The main reason why I wanted to go to Disneyland other than to see the amazing Christmas decorations was to go to Club 33, which is an ultra exclusive club hidden in Disneyland. My dad's friend is a member, so I've been lucky enough to go a handful of times in my life. The buffet part is so amazing because they have lobster tails, crab claws, shrimp, lox, etc. However, my friends and I agree that the scallop chowder was the best. Collectively we drank twenty cups of it and emptied half of the container.
For my main entree, I ordered the King Crab Stuffed Lobster Tail with Lemon Verbana Fettucine, Crisp Coppa Ham, Shaved Saffron Fennel, and Fortified Oxtail Broth. The broth gave the lobster a wonderful meaty quality, while the fettucine was perfectly cooked. It had the slightest taste of lemon, which was really refreshing after the heavy lobster. The smokiness of the coppa ham was a nice way to start off the dish too. If you want to talk about being impressive, each one of us had seven or eight rounds of food at Club 33.
My favorite part of going to Disneyland for the holidays is The Nightmare Before Christmas themed Haunted Mansion. I'm super obsessed with everything and anything Tim Burton, so I always get excited to check out what's changed every year. I'm pretty sure the scarecrow is new? I could've sworn it used to be Jack Skellington himself.
I even got a picture with Sparky from Frankenweenie that day. I'm surprised at how incredibly pale I am. It's like I never get to see the sun, even though I live in Southern California. Did I tell you about how I tried to dress my dog up as Sparky and how my dog just refused to keep the costume on? I should just learn my lesson that my dog hates getting dressed up and will never enjoy it.
Another ride that's always beautiful for Christmas time is It's a Small World. The lights are always so simple yet well done. It makes me want to decorate my house in super bright colors this year and go way over the top (like I do every year). If you come to Disneyland during the holidays, you must go inside to look at all the decorations. The attention to detail is phenomenal. It makes me want to become an Imagineer! Also, it rained that day, so the damp streets reflected all the lights, making everything even more beautiful.
We actually spent a lot of time in Fantasyland, riding all the little kid rides. I love how beautiful and antiquated the carousel looks. When I was little, I would choose which horse I wanted and my dad would run with me to guarantee that I got the exact horse I wanted. Then I would make him go on the carousel with me time and time again until he got motion sick. This time, my friends and I only went on once. We ended the night, watching fireworks and waiting to watch Fantasmic, which had technical errors, so then we went on one more ride. If you're ever in the area and have some spare cash, you must go to Disneyland for Christmas time, since it's definitely a place for people on quest for beauty like me!


  1. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH how fun!!!! omgosh i love all things disney! and i lovee the haunted mansion too!!

    omgosh i've always wanted to eat there.. it looks sooo amaze soo much fresh seafood!

  2. Wow Disneyland ; w ;
    I hope one day I can go there!

    It seemed so much fun! (≧ω≦)

  3. Wow, I've heard of Club 33, but you're so lucky you got to go many times! It looks amazing!

    The Lovely Memoir

  4. Lisa-The Haunted Mansion is my favorite! And you should go one day! ^^

    dizzy-It's so much fun! Have fun, when you go! (:

    Lisa-It's simply magnificent!

  5. disneyland is soooo cool! ahh I want to be there right now!! :)! Looks so fun :)

  6. Olivia-I want to go back already, even though I was just there. :D

    Larissa-Thank you!


  8. Caitlin-TIM BURTON IS THE BEST, RIGHT? And thank you so much!

  9. audrey, it looks like you had so much fun1 i didn't know they had such a thing as an exclusive club there. how weird is it that, i was born in california, lived there for 10 years, and have never have been to disneyland? i've seen jack's mannequin in concert twice. but the band broke up a few months ago. :(

  10. Wahhh such an amazing time in
    Disney Land ^__^ I love Disney but
    I hate the crowds :c
    My goal is to visit every Disney land in the world!
    So far: Paris & Hong Kong.

    This Club 33 sounds amazing!
    Lobster tails, oh Lord...


  11. Sounds a lot of fun!I went to Disney land in Paris for Halloween! Amazing!

    It will mean a lot to us if you have time to check our blog and maybe follow us if you like it ?

    Hope to hear from you very soon!

    Keep bloging X

    Emily from Pretty Tiny Things

  12. I LOVE EVERYTHING! that first picture is so cute:) sounds really amazing, I've never been in a Disneyland but now I want to go so badly. Those christmas lights look so magical!

  13. Teddi-I actually just went to Jack's Mannequin's last concert. Check out the post above!

    Ice Pandora-I want to visit more Disneylands! I really want to go to the one in Tokyo! :3

    Pretty Tiny Thing-Ooh, that sounds like so much fun!

    Selina-You must visit one one day! The lights are rather lovely, aren't they? (:


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