Thursday, November 1, 2012

This is Halloween

Playing: Just Like Heaven-The Cure
Reading: Fashion Illustrations By Fashion Designers by Laird Borrelli
Hilary as a cat and me as the Cheshire Cat
Halloween, Christmas, and New Years have to be my absolute favorite holidays. For obvious reasons, Halloween ranks pretty high on my list. I love to get dressed up, I love Tim Burton appreciation season, and I love running around at night. This one guy in my English class hates Halloween, so I had to explain to him that Halloween is the start of Tim Burton time and he told me he hates Tim Burton and that Burton is just a psycho, so I'm considering defriending him on Facebook.
Me with Victoria, the communist witch, and Chad dressed as Sheldon
It didn't feel like Halloween for me until I went out trick or treating like the five-year-old that I am, since no one dressed up at school other than me and a few poor boys that I forcibly dressed up as a cat. I started off the night with Hilary, Sarah, and Victoria, but then we met up with Evelyn, Chad, Simonne, and Jen. We ran around an elementary school's field and playground for awhile, but then it started to smell like someone was smoking pot, so we left. After a half hour or so, Victoria, Sarah, Hilary, and I separated from the other group and just walked around, acting like teenagers for once.
We started off by dancing around, acting like idiots, to some music that Sarah had recorded of her school's orchestra. Hilary refused to dance, so Victoria and I had to pull her along as Sarah photographed us like the paparazzi that she is. I like how happy I look in this picture and how embarrassed Hilary looks.
Sarah as Pacman and me
Then Sarah and I ran out into the middle of a deserted street and started dancing and jumping together. The other two were laughing at us as they photographed us. We spent a lot of time jumping and screaming at each other, now that I think about it.
Finally, we ended the night by acting like we were part of some bad film from the 80s, maybe early 90s. Look at how angsty and misunderstood we are. I have to thank Sarah for always being willing to do stupid things with me and for taking artsy photos with me. Oh, and for always telling me random facts that I'll never use and for reading my blog all the time and for going on adventures with me and for...If I keep this list going on, it might take a year or two, so I'll stop now. HOW WAS YOUR HALLOWEEN? What did you do?

PS I was going to go as Boy George, but I ran out of time to do my hair. And thanks Sarah for the last three photos!


  1. Awww I wish Halloween was more of a thing in Australia.

    This looked like fun ^_^

  2. It looks like u had a lot of fun! I live in the Netherlands, no one really celebrates it here LOL.

  3. AnnaMage-You should throw a Halloween party with a group of friends! It would be fun!

    Lisa-Thank you so much! ♥

    si oux-Aww, that's a shame. ;~;

  4. hahaha cute cat costume, and boy george would have been awesome too! halloween is a fun time to dress up as whoever you want to be that's for sure

  5. So cuteee!
    In portugal halloween isn't really celebrated, but I wish it'd be ;w;

  6. aah i wish i could have gone u__u

  7. Hoo haa! I am quite honored to be on your blog!

  8. Pop Champagne-Thanks! Halloween is so much fun. For one day, you get to be someone else. :3

    dizzy-You should throw a Halloween party with a group of your friends!

    riysse-Next time, you shall go. >:)

    Sarah S.-As you should be.

  9. Again, we don't celebrate
    Halloween :c Who doesn't
    love Tim Burton?! Crazy

    You look cute as Cheshire
    cat c: I would love to be
    your Alice haha!


  10. you guys seem llike u always have so much fun!


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