Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"How Do You Spell Gabbana?"

Playing: Time to Pretend-MGMT
Reading: 100 Years of Fashion Illustration by Cally Blackman
I'm not going to lie; I've been feeling rather happy lately, which is odd for me, since I'm rarely happy when school is in session. I feel great for a multitude of reasons such as writing three stories for the school newspaper, doing multiple drawings for the school newspaper, making time to read art books, meeting some new people, finding someone that has near identical music taste to me, and getting a little gift from my mum. Lately, my mum has been finding it difficult to use her bigger bags, so she's been giving me full ownership over them, not just borrowing rights.
My mum just gave me her 20th anniversary Dolce and Gabbana purse that I never knew she even owned. She figured she hadn't used it in years, so why not give it to me. Plus, she knows how much I adore lace and Dolce and Gabbana, so this purse is literally the perfect combo. Not to mention, the little coin purse attached to the side is just so adorable.
The purse is lined with cheetah print silk and is in amazing condition. My mum doesn't take very good care of all her designer goods, so it really shocked me, when I saw how little damage was done to the bag. It's just such a gorgeous bag and I'm looking forward to using it around town. Plus, it's about time I expanded outside of just using my Burberry purses and cross body bags. I must seem so materialistic, but let me pretend I'm Madonna for a few seconds.
Over the weekend, I wore this outfit to do some errands and go grocery shopping, so I know I'm vastly overdressed, but it made me happy to wear around my top hat and look tall in heels. I'm wearing a San Diego Hat Company top hat, a Vince Camuto blazer, an American Vintage dress, a FullTilt bandeau, Merona tights, Chloe heels, a Coach purse, and Alexander McQueen sunglasses. I know I look super bitchy in this photo, but trust me, I am capable of being friendly and smiling.
But when I do end up smiling, I look derpy as proven by this photo. My legs look rather short in this photo, which is odd because my legs are actually quite a bit longer than my torso. I'm wearing a Marc by Marc Jacobs jacket, a Marc Jacobs necklace, an Ann Taylor LOFT shirt, Mango jeans, and Alexander Wang shoes. These shoes kill my feet and cut up my ankles, but I still wear them because they're lovely. My English teacher told the class that if she could marry a pair of shoes, these would be the pair for her. The boys in my English class think I'm a shoe hoarder now. For that reason, I think I'll have a hard time getting married. That's why I need a boy that likes dressing well (and likes the same music as me and will sit with me and watch Food Network, Comedy Central, and History Channel). Is that really too much to ask for? Yes, yes it is.


  1. Jeez... that bag is gorgeous! I mean the lace detail is to die for! I've never really considered D&G for bags before but I've just had a look on their online store, and I'm officially in love. If I could afford the £700+ I'd be right in there! x x

  2. the bag is aaaawesome!


  3. What a pretty bag! I've been lusting over some of Dolce and Gabbana's clothes lately.

    I love how you rock blazers!

  4. HAHAHA that quote by your english teacher is one for the books!

  5. I still like your smiling pic better
    they say "you're never fully dressed without a smile!"

    love the fact you are overdressed while doing errands! I do that too sometimes.. LOL

    The Sweetest Escape

  6. you Chloe heels are lovely!! want them. you look cute!

  7. Beautiful handbag! X

  8. I am sure you will find
    (or he) a guy that share
    the same interest as you!!
    I love the 1st outfit!
    Really cute c:

    So lucky to have that
    purse your mom gave you!


  9. Angel In This Dress-Same. That's why I'm super excited my mum gave it to me. :3

    bianca f-Yes, yes it is! :D

    prancing bee-Thank you! I love Dolce and Gabbana so much too! (:

    Sarah S.-I must agree with that. Remember our fact and quote book?

    stevia indrawan-Haha, so glad I'm not the only one and thanks! ^^

    Selina-Aww, thanks! You're the cutest!

    Jaz xo-Yup! (:


    Ice Pandora-I really hope so! I hope I can find someone that will love everything I do! :)

  10. I didn't know D&G had a collection for the 20th anniversary.


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