Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Desert

Playing: Meet Me in California-Plain White T's
Reading: "It's OK Not to Play" by Krista
For my birthday yesterday, I seriously thought I was going to stay cooped up in my house, working on all my homework given to me by my lovely teachers, but I decided last minute to go on an adventure in the desert. Luckily, Sophie was able to join me. On our way there, we stopped off at a KFC in Banning to have all you can eat friend chicken like the health nuts we are. Aren't we the most awkward friends, when it comes to taking photos?
Somewhere in between Banning and Yucca Valley, we drove past a wind farm, which is one of my favorite things about the desert. I find them to be very beautiful and I enjoy looking at them quite a bit. The weather was a bit odd, since it was super sunny one minute and stormy the next, but it allowed me to take some pretty awesome photos.
When we got into Yucca Valley, Sophie and I goofed around and took tons of photos. I love hanging out with Sophie because we never do something that people would think teenagers would consider fun. We're on a hunt to enjoy everything the world has to offer us and we're on a quest for beauty. When the sky is immense and the scenery is beautiful, what else can we do other than pretend we're Brandon Flowers? For some reason, I really like the idea of doing the Brandon Flower pose all the time.
Actually, the main reason why I took Sophie out to the desert was to visit Noah Purifoy's Outdoor Desert Museum, but I'm having trouble limiting how many photos I want to share with you, so we explored the museum before we explored Yucca Valley. We went to a lot of antique stores, vintage stores, and charity shops in the search for something beautiful, but we didn't end up buying anything. There was a group of photos from the 1940s and 1950s that I wanted to buy, but they were averaging $3 each, so I skipped on them.
Before we headed home, Sophie and I photographed a lovely sunset since sunsets are always prettier in the desert. We found a zine that introduced the surrounding area, so Sophie and I are thinking of making an exploration zine for our school. Not sure how my peers will react to that, but it's not for them; it's for my personal happiness and enjoyment in life. I'll show you the museum we went to later on. Please stay tuned for that! Tomorrow I'm building a catapult with Justin and Hoho before I head off to the last Jack's Mannequin concert at the El Rey Theatre. It'll be my fifth time seeing Andrew McMahon and my second time seeing him for my birthday. It'll be bittersweet, watching him perform as Jack's Mannequin for the last time.


  1. Yay you're wearing that sweater! I wish I did things like this when I was a teen!

  2. awww happy birthday hon!! i never knew that KFC had buffets?!?!?! whatttt?! this is madness!! where is this? need to try this hahaha :p

  3. Wow that black and white jumper is beautiful! It's a shame you can't get Models Own nail varnishes! I'm sure there must be somewhere online where they were deliver to you though? :) xo

  4. i love sunsets but i think sun rises are better ^^ also I love your jumper!

  5. Thanks! Mom loves watching cooking shows so she's inspired haha :D

  6. Woah the sunset looks awesome and orange. I wish I could experience a nice sunset - here in London the sun sets at 3:30pm in winter and it's bloody black at night!

    Nice sweater btw

  7. aww, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And the hounds tooth looks so good on you!

  8. prancing bee-Yup, that's the plan. I want to be more adventurous, so I have a bundle of good memories, when I'm older. (:

    Lisa-It's in Banning, CA. I actually think these were really popular in the late80s/early 90s. That's what my parents told me.

    Jaz xo-Thanks! I definitely want to try it one day. ^^

    Lisa-Thanks! :D

    Hello Naka-I should wake up early one day and watch it then. :3

    Francois-I watch cooking shows too! Your mum should trade tips with me! :D

    Florence-Aah, here it sets at 4 and it's so depressing!

    Caitlin-Thank you so much! ^^

  9. Dear sweet Audrey: Happy Birthday!!
    You look adorable and so cute c:

    What? Since when KFC has a
    all you can eat buffet?! I need
    to visit this Banning place!
    And I think this dessert place
    is an amazing spot to take pictures!

    I love your top with the 'vogue'
    print btw!


  10. you go to the nicest places! and I haven't been to a desert in so long... looks amazing!

  11. so America actually is how I always imagined. that(driving to a desert) would never be possible here where I live. lovely pictures!


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