Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Very Sophie Christmas

Playing: FALL-Cider Sky
Reading: The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee (Not that one...)
My parents ditched me last weekend to go to to a Christmas party, so I had no where to go and Sophie, being the amazing friend that she is, took me out for a day of fun and creativity. She took me to this yoga studio to make Christmas ornaments, which I kind of slaughtered, but no worries, I'm going to try again! I've always wanted to do a themed Christmas tree, so if I were doing one, my theme for this year would be stars and the sky.
Afterwards, we walked around this little ditch area in my town and explored, while dancing to the Cure and the Police. We like to dance a lot and this is one of my favorite photos of Sophie; she looks so happy and like she actually enjoys spending time with me. After we explored for awhile, we decided to catch a showing of Looper, which was so intense, at the dollar theatre. The only complaint I have with Looper is that the makeup artists changed Joseph Gordon Levitt's face too much. Did I tell you about how I went to go see Lincoln for APUSH extra credit and my teacher, Mr. Harrington, sat right next to me? He chucked popcorn at me and now in all his classes, he does Audrey fangirling over Joseph Gordon Levitt impersonations that are painfully accurate. (I LOVE HIS CLASS THOUGH.) After watching Looper, Sophie took me to dinner because she's a nice person like that and then let me bum around her place until my parents came back home. Thanks, Sopher Gopher, I owe you one.
Later on (not with Sophie), I went to Target to buy some Christmas lights and I'm super excited to say that the Target and Neiman Marcus collaboration hasn't sold out, since it's too expensive for Target shoppers and too cheap for Neiman Marcus' audience. I grabbed a Marc Jacobs scarf, which is so perfect and it's conservative enough that I think men can wear it too. During the post-Christmas sales, I'm going back for the Tom Browne blazer! The Christmas cards were just so cute and for Christmas this year, I'm giving heart felt cards. My group of friends is doing a secret Santa and I just wanted to show you how cute the items I bought for Jackie are. (Just don't show her! She doesn't know yet!) The cupcake bath bomb is so cute and realistic looking, while the hand scrub and lip gloss just smell insanely good.
I actually got some requests, which I'm shocked about, to do a separate blog of extra photos from my life such as cute things, my food, and just more photos of well, me. WELL, today's your lucky day, I created a tumblr for all of you (but mostly me) that stores all my extra fun photos that didn't make it on my main blog. So if you like photos of Vivian and me dancing sporadically in Disneyland, attracting a crowd of bystanders, then The World is just for you. Really, knowing you guys want to see more of me makes me feel so loved.

PS I apologize for being a cruddy blogger. Not much of interest has been going on in my life.


  1. Lovely pictures ^_^

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  2. ohhh you're so lucky you snagged something from the NM x target. i got online bright and early but NM was completely sold out and target website was crashed all day.. so i waited until the next day and i was psyched because target pretty much had everything in stock.. so i clicked clicked and clicked.. and then i got to the checkout counter. and they wouldn't let me ship to german. SUPER FAIL. UGH! i'm going home soon for the holidays so i hope to scope out target to see if there's anything left! hehehe!

    i love your star DIY ornament that is super super cute!

  3. I want to shop at Target
    so badly :c I have never
    been there but they have
    so many great and cheap


  4. lovely blog.

  5. Sounds like you have been having a lot of fun! The Christmas workshop sounds like something I would love to do, and I love your theme for Christmas this year!

    I saw Looper a while back and likewise, I found it disappointing how the makeup changed Josephs face! How could they hamper with such a beauty haha

    xx Carina

  6. Jan-Thank you! (:

    Lisa-Why don't you mail it to your parents' home and have them mail it to you? I don't think it's going to sell out because I live in an area where these collaborations always sell out and all the Targets near me have a lot left. ^^

    Ice Pandora-Target is great! Everything is a great price and the quality is pretty good too. (:


    Carina-Thank you! I know right! Why would they mess with something that's already perfect?

  7. /REPLY: I find the tram, metro and the bus the cleanest of public traffic. Unlike trains cuz it can be reaaally horrible sometimes (food stains and crumbs all over the place + stinky toilets + overloaded trashcans)


  8. Ice Pandora-That's really nice that the tram, metro, and bus are actually clean where you live. Where I live, it's kind of sketchy at times. (Mostly due to the type of people that take the public transport though.)


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