Sunday, December 2, 2012

What I've Been Eating

Playing: Sugar, We're Goin Down-Fall Out Boy
Reading: Civil Disobedience (Part 1 of 3) by Henry David Thoreau
For Thanksgiving break, my brother came home, so as usual we went off to try a bunch of new places to eat. Bruxie is known for their waffle sandwiches and we've been meaning to try it, so I ordered what was recommended the most on Yelp. The Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Waffle is a chicken fillet deep fried and topped with cider slaw and spicy honey stuffed into a crispy waffle. Out of the sandwiches we ordered, this was one of the better ones, since it had more stuffing than the others.
My brother and I shared the Lemon Cream and Berries, which was only ok. The lemon cream had next to no flavor and all the berries were quite sour. Overall for my verdict on Bruxie, the food is only alright, but the concept is cute. It's not nearly enough food, since the waffles aren't stuffed with that much food.
Flavio's happens to be one of my favorite restaurants for pasta. The food is good, the service is friendly, and the price is inexpensive. The Pasta Rustica is one of my favorites there. It's bow tie pasta served with sauteed garlic and artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, and chicken in a light cream sauce. The best part about this dish is that it's actually pretty light for a cream based sauce.
My brother and I also went to the Old Towne Grinder and Ice Cream Parlor, since they have the largest selection of sodas anywhere. We actually didn't try the Nuclear Orange Bomb, but I wanted a photo of it because, let's get real, why wouldn't I take a photo of a soda with Kim Jong Il? It's just "WTF" enough to make me smile. The blueberry soda was amazing by the way, while the Cherries and  Mint was quite unusual. I highly recommend visiting this place for their amazing soda selection. Where else can you get gourmet Ginger Ale and then get Sweet Corn?
Harry's Grill is one of those places that I go to for old time's sake. After my family went to the beach, we would come here for inexpensive American food served in huge portions. Their fried chicken is pretty good actually and has a sweet unexpected after taste. This actually comes with a large bowl of soup, so you can get away with sharing this with someone too. What I've been eating is pretty safe and not too fancy lately, so hope this post didn't bore you too much.

PS Blogger  is no longer letting my upload photos directly, since I've used up my 1 GB of memory. I deleted something around 100 photos to clear up some memory and it's still saying that I have no memory. Do any of you know what's wrong? For now, I'll just use Photobucket to upload my photos.


  1. ohhh yum yum yummm you've been eating good girl!! haha

    well i've been to paris a few times already and though i love paris and all the shopping and the good food.

    however barcelona has the same good food and shopping but lacks a certain pretentiousness that paris has. there's a certain relaxed quality and friendliness in barcelona that you don't really feel in paris that i really loved and appreciated. i felt more free and happy in barcelona. but that's just my take on it.. i'm sure you will enjoy both.. but to be fair you did go to barcelona in the summer time and it's ridiculously hot then.. and there's no AC anywhere in europe.. so you might experience the same thing in paris.. also it's very different traveling on your own vs. traveling with parents.. i've traveled with family before.. and it can be really trying.. you're shuffled from place to place.. parents always want to see this statue.. or this museum.. landmark after landmark.. ohh and i loved the gaudi architecture in barcelona.. i'm actually not one for architecture but i really enjoyed all the gaudi work :)

  2. you've been eating some good stuff! and haha I love inexpensive food in huge portions.. given that they're at least somewhat tastey!

  3. Meeeerci :D Mmmmhh toute cette nourriture a l'air extra!

  4. Lisa-Gaudi was definitely the most interesting part of the trip for me. I see what you mean and I suppose I'll have to experience both for myself. (:
    Also, I'm really appreciative that you wrote so much. I really like how you went into different aspects of the trip.

    Pop Champagne-Yup! Lots of good stuff? Can't go wrong!

    Francoois-Pas de probleme!

  5. Oh man I'm so hungry :c
    I never had a savory waffle
    before, I would like to try
    this chicken fillet and
    spicy honey!
    Why didn't you try the Kim
    Jong 2 soda! I would love
    to buy one, the wrapping
    is so cool!

    Eww I didn't know there was
    a limit with Blogger uploads..
    All my pictures are in Picasa o:


  6. I am totally starving now haha xo

  7. Ice Pandora-I just thought orange was too normal! D:

    Also, I didn't know that either and I'm kind of annoyed that my gmail account has almost 10GB worth of memory open that I can't use for Picasa.

    Jaz xo-Haha, well good food pictures can do that. (:


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