Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fashion+The Killers

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Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates and posts; like I said before, nothing of real interest is going on in my life. My friend, PJ, started a fashion club at my school, so I joined. We pretty much just sit around and discuss runway shows, models, and clothes, but we also do some artsy stuff like drawing and painting. It's pretty fun and the teacher's room that the club is held in has all these old fashion magazines, so we get to rip out our favorite pictures. I loved the W spread with Lindsey Wixson and the haute couture spread with Karlie Kloss, so I had to rip out those photos.
Jessy was also at the meeting and I hadn't seen her in while, so it was nice to catch up with her too. She brought a little gift for me from the Marc by Marc Jacobs store. The ring is just my style-simple and slightly edgy-and the pen is also really cute. I brought in a Marc Jacobs bag to carry my yarn in to school one day and the next day I was carrying this bag around plus some Marc Jacobs ads, so the boys in English class asked me who Marc was. When I told them he was a designer, they exclaimed, "OH, that explains why he has bags and the ads revolve around clothes!" Oh mon dieu, boys!
You guys have all met my puffer fish, Jacques, already. Well, I like to spoil him and play with him, so lately I've been holding my new iPhone up to the tank, so that Jacques can watch music videos. He'll actually watch some of them, but so far I think he likes "Mr. Brightside" the best. It's the only music video, where he'll watch the whole thing.
By the way, the music video for "Miss Atomic Bomb" came out today and it's almost like a sequel to "Mr. Brightside." All of the cast from "Mr. Brightside" is present and the video just makes me so happy. The cartoon part was a bit cheesy, but I still liked the video and thought the concept was interesting. The best part is Miss Atomic Bomb and Mr. Brightside are reunited and it makes me go aww and get all mushy and love sick every time I hit the replay button on YouTube. Sorry for the complete and utter lack of technical terms in this post and the overuse of stereotypical teenage girl phrases, but seriously, the music video makes me get all love sick.
Who's your favorite music video couple or music video romance? I really love Mr. Brightside and Miss Atomic Bomb in case you couldn't tell.


  1. aww cuteness so sweet of your friend to bring you those cute things from the MJ store! :)

    omgosh that fact that you puffer fish sits there and watches videos on your iphone is sooooooooooooo cute! i love the pic of him just sitting there staring haha!

  2. The fashion club sounds interesting! I hope we have one in my school too! hehe

    Rae :3
    Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire

  3. LOL i can't believe you hold your phone up so he watches music videos... is it videos of other puffer fish? lol

  4. How cool you have a puffer fish!
    It's so nice to have a friend that shares your fashion interests!

  5. Thanks! Yeah, this station is really spectacular, it took years to build it and it was really expensive but the result is worth everything :)

  6. So nice that your school has
    a 'fashion club' I would love
    to join in c:
    I love Karli Kloss!
    That is pretty sweet of your
    friend with the Marc Jacob
    gifts and haha I can't believe
    you show MV to your fish :P


  7. What a funny story about the boys and Marc Jacobs. Love the little gifts. How cute :)

  8. Lisa-Haha, it's amazing the weird ideas I get when I'm bored, but Jacques seems to really enjoy the videos. ^^

    RaeAbigael-If your school doesn't have one, why don't you start one? (:

    Pop Champagne-I actually did do the mirror function on the iPhone that way Jacques could watch himself. :D

    prancing bee-After talking to my fashion friends, I always find it hard transitioning back to normal people and having to remember that they don't follow runway shows like I do. XD

    Francois-It sure looks amazing! I would love to visit it one day. :3

    Ice Pandora-Isn't Karlie just so gorgeous? This is going to sound odd, but I love her eyebrows!

    Stephanie Lin-Yup! The boys in my English class put up with so much from me. :D


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