Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Day

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Reading: An American in Paris, Again by Eric Wilson
Merry late Christmas! This Christmas day post is a tad late, I suppose, but I still wanted to share it with all of you. Since my grandparents come over every year for Christmas and they always go to bed at a ridiculously early time, my family has Christmas lunch instead of Christmas dinner. Every year my dad and I make prime rib with au jus, mashed potatoes with gravy, and some kind of a vegetable along with some biscuits. We've been discussing stereotypical French Christmas meals in French class and that got me thinking, what is a stereotypical American Christmas meal? I don't think there really is one...
This year there wasn't really anything I was dying to get my hands on other than a few CDs, so I mostly got cash, which I'm saving for some future splurge.  The Patrick Wolf CD is my favorite from him after "Lupercalia," while the Something Corporate CDs are to replace the ones my brother's idiotic friends borrowed and never gave back. Sophie gave my everything that I like-cute stationary, sparkly nail polish, sweets, and a yetti button. The Burberry scarf is actually my mum's gift to my dad, but I plan on borrowing it, since I've been wanting one for myself for quite a few years.
My dad and mum didn't communicate with each other, when they were getting gifts for me, so I ended up with two purses. In the end, I won. Actually, I'm probably going to return both of the purses, so I didn't win. The Alexander Wang tote is too heavy for me, while the Marc by Marc Jacobs purse is too safe for my liking. Since I already have a plain black purse, I don't see why I need another one and I'd rather save my "purse money" for something I'm dying to own. I want to keep the Alexander Wang purse for school, but some jerk is going to stick gum on it or something, so I know it's not safe to bring it to school and I don't want to keep it if some idiot is going to ruin it.
The day after Christmas, my family went to Bruxie, since my dad has never been and I tried the Green Eggs and Ham there, which was very good. The pesto oozed out of the sides and I liked how gooey the cheese was. The only improvement I can suggest is cooking the egg less so that the yolk oozes out too. Surprisingly, the mayonnaise added a nice creaminess to it even though I normally dislike large amounts of it.
Since Bruxie portions are rather small, my brother and I shared the Seasonal Creme Brulee, which was very good. The burnt sugar really made it taste like a real creme brulee and the custard was extraordinarily creamy. My brother and I both agree that we ordered more wisely on this trip to Bruxie than last time. Another nice thing about Bruxie is their seasonal menu, where you can get Egg Nog shakes around Christmas and Turkey Dinner waffles around Thanksgiving. It's a very cute place to try, if you're ever in the area. Hope your holidays went well! Let me know what you did and how you celebrated!


  1. ohhhhhhhhh yums. your family's christmas prime rib dinner looks AMAZE!! so yums!

    ohhh haha you really lucked out w/ the two designer purses!! lucky lucky girl! but it's good that you're going to return it for something that is a better fit for you.

  2. yummy waffles!!!! the bags are both really nice but i agree. if u aren't going to find them practical save up for the one u def want!

  3. I see you took my creme brulee advice ; D and I'm glad you liked your gifts!!

  4. Lisa-Haha, the prime rib came out very well this year! I'm hoping to get my hands on an Alexander Wang pouch or this Derek Lam cross body. :D

    ShinyPrettyThings-Yeah, I just don't want to waste my parents' money. D:

    blackberryfashion-Thank you!

  5. sophie-cat-I know. Your advice is flawless per usual. Text me back. I just sent you a sassy Patrick Wolf photo and now I know you're awake.

  6. you're right, if there is a stereotypical american christmas meal, i don't know what it is. it's not like i'm an expert or anything, though. that creme brulee treat you shared with your bro, looks and sounds divine! :)

  7. lovely blog.

  8. American Christmas meal?
    I think the rib and the mashed
    pototoe you had :P?
    People in Holland love to have
    eating 'wild' like rabbits,
    pheasants, ducks etc for x-mas

    Lovely gifts Audrey c: I
    think the Marc Jacobs is abit
    boring, yup.


  9. haha you can never have enough purses!! but well if you return it at least the money is versatile!

  10. Teddi-I'm not an expert on it either, but I really don't feel like there's one specific type of food we Americans eat.

    Anita-Thank you!

    Ice Pandora-I know some of us eat geese for Christmas too, but it's not a majority. And yeah, if I buy an expensive purse, I want a show stopper or something that's just so wonderful I can't live without it.

    Pop Champagne-I COULD NEVER HAVE ENOUGH PURSES, but i do think I could reach a limit on standard black purses. D:

  11. Ahh I love creme brulee anything! I wonder if they're still selling it.

  12. prancing bee-They sell it year round, so you should go try it! (Especially since they have multiple locations!) Only the type of fruits in it changes. (:

  13. After reading this I'm totally dying for Creme Brulee! xo


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