Thursday, January 24, 2013

Barney's New York Wishlist

Playing: Everyday is Like Sunday-Morissey
Reading: "Roman Fever" by Edith Wharton
The holiday season is long over, but I'm still in the shopping mood. After returning three designer purses this holiday season past, I'm starting to think I'm out of my mind. Since when did I return anything designer? Now that I'm trying to find less statement pieces and more clothing that I'm likely to wear for years to come, I decided that it's ok to spend money on luxury products. My wardrobe is small, I continually donate/sell my old clothing, and I wear my clothing for years, so why not save up my money and splurge? Plus, Barney's New York is probably the best thing in my life, so why not thank them by patronizing them? Here are a few things I've been wanting/eying for awhile now:

1. Alexander Wang Serpentine Green Leather and Marion Prisma-I've been wanting another Alexander Wang Marion purse and I've had my eye on the beige leather one for awhile, but while I was looking around Barney's Co-Op, I came across this one and I think it's a must. If people collect Chanel flaps, it's not weird of me to buy multiple Alexander Wang Marion purse. After all, it's one of the best cross bodies I've ever bought!
2. Balenciaga Pocket Zip Pouch-Since I like clutches and am on the hunt for more simplistic pieces, I thought why not a pouch? I've been in love with the Alexander Wang ones with metal hardware on the corners for almost two years now, but I really don't think I should keep on buying everything Alexander Wang otherwise I'll have to go for Alexander Wang rehab pretty soon. Plus, I ought to expand the list of brands I buy from and this bold Balenciaga one is just my taste.
3. Barney's Co-Op High Black Sandal-The single sole heel is in and I own mainly platform heels. What to do, what to do? I know; just get that classic black sandal I've been eying for the past three years. It's so simple and the heel on this is lower than what I'm used to, so I think I can make these heels work as everyday heels. Admittedly, I want the really thin strapped ones from Alexander Wang, but like I said before, it'd be weird if I went on an Alexander Wang shopping spree.
4. Alexander Wang Ingrid-By now, you probably already know all about my oxford obsession. I love them and I can't get enough of them. They're more my style than ballet flats, dressier than my Converse, and comfier than my heels. These super neutral ones from Alexander Wang made me fan girl so much at the Barney's Co-Op store, I caught someone staring at me, wondering if I was insane.
5. Giuseppe Zanotti Covered Heel Lace-Up Ankle Boot-Anything vaguely reminiscent of 19th century England/America will make me happy-dandies, top hats, gilded age, etc. What totally gets me though are Victorian granny booties. I have a tough white pair that don't fit me too well and always end up taking me out of heel action for three to five days, so I'm on the hunt for a pair that fits me better. This is probably the least realistic piece on my wishlist though.
6. Mark Cross Small Grace Trunk Bag-I love super structured purses, especially box purses and this Mark Cross one has been on my mind since Veteran's Day. The only problem I have with this purse is the price. For around $1,700, I don't wait it falling apart on me and my dad told me the last two Mark Cross purses he bought for my mum feel apart within a month, resulting in them returning the purse, so I'm just too lazy to deal with that.

Sarah Jessica Parker once said, “If you're a nice person and you work hard, you get to go shopping at Barneys." Truer words have not been spoken in a long time and with that, I bid you goodbye. I have to finish up my math homework and then study my French.


  1. Oh I totally adore those booties & the trunk bag!

    Thanks for daring & commenting on my blog!


  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the barney's co-op sandal is sooo cute!! love it!!

  3. Gahhh I totally want everything on this list too. DROOOLS

  4. I love the booties
    would you like to follow each other?

  5. I totally agree, if you are going to use something and wear it for a long time, then it's totally fine to pay more!

    Corinne x

  6. You have such a classy
    taste Audrey! I love the
    black high sandal!
    A bolus is actually a
    typical Dutch pastry.
    It's a roll with sugar and
    syrup! Really tasty c:


  7. LA Lynn's-No problem! The boots are so perfect! ♥

    Lisa-Same! I just got it. :3

    Becky-It's time we start saving up, huh? D:

    melissa-I love almost anything Alexander Wang. Unfortunately, I'm too short to wear a lot of his clothing. ;~;

    loving-evelyn-Same here! :D

    Corinne-I mean it makes sense. The price per wear evens out, right?

    Ice Pandora-Thank you so much! I really want to try a bolus right now. :3


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