Sunday, January 13, 2013

Damn Teenagers

Playing: Hysteria-Muse
Reading: North Korean Posters by David Heather
Over holiday, Sophie and I had an art picnic. It gave us a chance to show off our colorful pen collections and to look at art books together, while drawing our own designs and planning out our adventure zine. We were sitting in the middle of a park and just the way we looked and acted, it made me think of one thing, "Those damn teenagers always have to one up each other with their weirdness." Sophie and I are pretty odd whenever we hang out with each other due to a plethora of inside jokes and a liking for all things pun related. Whenever we go into stores together, we always get stared at and it makes me wonder what the employees are thinking.
Some of the annoying things us teenagers do is order off the kid's menu, even though we're well over 12-years-old, just because it's cheaper. Sophie did just that at Ruby's and bought me a milkshake, which she has owed me for about four years now. The waitress gave us an odd look, when we ordered, so it just makes me want to read their minds.
After Sophie ate her snack, we went to go see The Perks of Being a Wallflower at the dollar theatre and I have to say, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Sam and Patrick were nothing like what I expected, but I think I loved Patrick in the movie even more than I did in the book. The movie did a good job getting all of the book crammed into less than two hours, but there were two or three anecdotes from the book that would've improved the movie. Charlie was also well portrayed, especially considering that Charlie is a fairly complex character. What the movie really made me wish for though was a chance to have these amazing friends that go out with you and do wonky stuff. I really wish I had that sense of adventure and that sense of not giving a damn about life with my friends.
The day after Sophie's and my damn teenagers day, I went to Laguna Beach with London to explore and walk around. We went all over Laguna Beach and while we were walking around, I heard someone shouting my name and who else would it be other than Sophie? So there you have it, Sophie stalks me because she's obviously in love with me. Sorry about this post being kind of lame. I just wanted to get something out for you, since I'm currently searching through my photos, trying to muster up some sort of a post. However, I went back to Los Angeles yesterday, so there may be an interesting post coming up in the near future.


  1. cute photos! that milkshake looks yummy :)

    ohh my sister is actually in a few scenes of the perks of being a wallflower hehe :p

  2. That milkshake looks amazing xo

  3. Awesome photos, I'm glad you had a blast with your friends! :)

    Also, "Hysteria" by Muse is a FLAWLESS track. Easily one of my favorite bands ever!


  4. Lisa-Really? I should rewatch it and look for her. :D

    Jaz xo-Yup! ^^

    Sabrina-Muse is definitely one of the best. I mean, really, how many rock bands do we hear on the radio? Not that many, but they manage to keep rock super popular. (:

  5. Oh oh oh I want to show
    off my colorings as well
    haha! Cute idea, the art
    picnic thingy c:
    And don't worry I love
    kids menu!


  6. sounds like you had a nice day, The Perks of Being a Wallflower was a pretty good movie surprisingly, haha I guess both you and I were surprised by it

  7. lovely blog.

  8. I love collecting pens and whatnot as well! I have a drawers full of paper, stickers, stationery, and all that artsy "stuff." Sometimes I just don't know when to stop. haha

    I loved that movie! It was just as good as the movie I read in high school.

    *now your newest follower via greader. :)

  9. Ice Pandora-You should host an art picnic with your friends. It would be fun! Plus, you're such a talented artist! ^^

    Francois-Je t'en prie. (:

    Pop Champagne-I was expecting it to be cheesier and I was expecting the movie to kill the book, but it was actually pretty good.

    Anita-Thank you!

    Michelle-Thank you! I love collecting pens and stationary. It's an awful habit. D:


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