Monday, January 7, 2013

The City

Playing: Out of It-Jack's Mannequin
Reading: Plane carrying Italian fashion heir Missoni missing off Venezuela by Laura Smith-Spark and Sarah Aarthun
Spent my second to last day of holiday (aka my freedom) in Los Angeles, exploring the area. Originally I had planned out an architect's field trip, so I could check out some buildings I had been eying online. After our first stop, my parents asked if all I had planned for the day was to look at buildings and when I told them yes, they took the day into their own hands and made it more family appropriate. By that, I mean they made it more interesting for the other members in my family. We went everywhere from Melrose Avenue to Santa Monica and I hope to explore a Fred Segal store once my brother goes back to school, since he hates shopping with me. I have officially been back in school for one day and I can already feel my happiness being drained kind of like Harry Potter and the dementors, you know? Since school is back in session, I shall be studying more, which means my blog posts are going to become less adventure-y and more what-I-do-in-my-next-to-nonexistent-free-time.

By the way, I'm wearing miu miu sunglasses (borrowed from my mum for the photo), a BDG cadigan, an Ann Taylor LOFT tank top, a Marc by Marc Jacobs necklace, H&M jeans, an Alexander Wang purse, and Converse sneakers.


  1. That looks fun... nice pictures!

  2. haha I think every guy hates shopping unless it's tech gadget shopping?! and ya I've been back at work and i feel miserable already lol

  3. Unknown-Thank you!

    Pop Champagne-My brother hates shopping unless it's for food, cars, or stuff for our dog. XD

    Gems - Fashion Well Done-Thank you! ^^

    Alba - Petit Sweer Couture-Thanks!

  4. great them..

  5. Melissa Cabrini-Thank you!

    Francois-Haha, oui. (:

  6. love the fred segal store! adore that pic of you and mariyln!

  7. So jealous you got to go to LA. I haven't been there in a couple of years and it's always fun there!

  8. Happiness drained like HP and the dementors hahaha.. Oh dear Audrey :P
    Lets die and study together then!


  9. HA, I love your Harry Potter metaphor to describe the despair of winter break ending and the beginning of school. Love your LA photos--I'm going there next weekend and I'm pretty excited!


  10. Lisa-Thank you!

    ko0ty-Hope you get to visit soon! It's always so lovely. :3

    Ice Pandora-Sounds like a plan! STUDY BUDDIES. ♥

    Sabrina-Thank you! Hope you have fun in LA! :D


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