Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Marion Conquest

Playing: Bette Davis Eyes-Brandon Flowers (Love everything Brandon Flowers!)
Reading: John Galliano's Oscar de la Renta Return: Disgraced Designer Gets Second Chance by Rebecca Macatee
Finals is coming up and my grades are all over the place, so I've been spending a lot of time studying lately. Truthfully, my mind is a bit fried right now and I don't think I even have it within me to study, so I thought why not talk about some of the clothing I've bought within the last two months. I picked up two sweaters from Ann Taylor LOFT because I really wanted some thin sweaters for layering. I like the varying polka dot size on the cardigan and the big black bow on the maroon sweater. Although the pale blue Oakley sweater is incredibly thin, it's actually pretty warm.
While walking around the Grove, I literally freaked out over the Barney's Co-Op because that's my favorite store and my brother told me to make it quick, so I left with only this top. It's from their personal brand, but it reminds me of something Helmut Lang would do and I've been wanting something similar from him. It's almost paper thin, which is how I like all my t-shirts, and it's super soft too. I love how the side panels are tricky for the eyes and create an optical allusion of being skinnier. Overall, it's a great top that I'll wear until it's so hole ridden that my mum tosses it behind my back.
Yesterday, my mum took me for a quick stop at Barney's Co-Op in South Coast Plaza to get my mind off of schoolwork. If you all remember, I returned my birthday and Christmas gifts from my parents to wait for something that I was dying to own, so I chose two things I've been wanting for awhile. The heels are 3.25 inches high, so it feels really short to me, since I'm used to 4.5-inch-heels. I like how simple they are and I'm planning on wearing them as my go-to shoes on days when Converse aren't glamorous enough. Luckily, I grabbed the last size 6 the store had.
As for the Alexander Wang Marion purse, all I have to say is that the Marion is the best. It's big enough to carry all the essentials and can be dressed up or down. It's glamorous and luxurious in a low key way and it isn't overdone. It's basically perfect. I wanted to grab the beige leather one with gold hardware, but that's offered almost all the time, so I went for the emerald suede/faux alligator version. Originally, I was really against getting another suede purse because cleaning suede is difficult, but for Alexander Wang, I'd do anything. Next up on my Marion conquest is hopefully a beige and a white one. I'm going to try to study for APUSH now, so wish me luck on all my final exams?


  1. ohhh love your shopping haul! especially your new emerald alligator purse that is soo unique and gorgeous! i love my exotics haha!

    umm haha i probably won't get a camo print purse.. i much rather prefer it in clothing vs. accessories :p

  2. LOL so you got two AW Marion bags?! wow I envy you right now haha. I need to stop spending so much on booze and get back on track with shoes and bags...

  3. I love the grey and black jumper/top. So lovely xo

  4. ohh I love your haul!!
    The shoes you got are super cute!

    I Follow you now by the way!
    If you have time could you check out/ follow my blog too?

  5. yay great haul!!! shopping always helps me relieve stress haha
    i love that top u got!

  6. Agnieszka (Aga) Guerrero Olesinska-Me too! Although they did cut up the back of my ankles...

    Lisa-Haha, ok. I was just wondering and thank you!

    Pop Champagne-Haha, alcohol will only last you so long, while purses and shoes are forever! :D

    Jaz xo-Me too! It's sooo soft too. :3

    Mindy Fan-Thank you! (:

    ShinyPrettyThings-Exactly! Perfect timing right before finals too! ^^

  7. Oh c'est vraiment pas de chance :( NICE PURCHASES ♥

  8. THE SHOES LOOK ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! Love the bags as well, the gold and silver hardware look amazing. Gosh, I can't get over how amazing the shoes are :D

    All the best on your finals!



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