Monday, February 18, 2013


Playing: Waiting By Your Side-Polaris at Noon
Reading: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (For the third time!)
Over the weekend, I went to Fashion Island on the hunt for this camera bag from Rebecca Minkoff, since I had enough gift cards for Nordstrom that I would've gotten it for only $50 and I thought it would be perfect for my Paris trip. For lunch I ate at Pain du Monde and tried their delicious pastries. I really like their take on a croissant, stuffing it with almond custard and strawberries. Although the sandwich I got their was only ok, their pastries will definitely bring me back.
After lunch, I stopped by Neiman Marcus to test out new perfumes and I just loved this display. For Neiman Marcus' personal perfume, A Dozen Roses, they had fabric rose petals out for perfume samples. Such a pretty display idea and so much nicer than those sheets of paper. If you put one of those scented pieces of paper in your purse, it keeps your purse smelling wonderful for two months at least in my experience.
I also loved the ceiling fixture they had in Neiman Marcus. Hundreds of little plastic discs were suspended in the air and swayed with the breeze. While they were swaying, light would be reflected everywhere and it was really quite dazzling even though my blurry photo makes it look like confetti.
Unfortunately, I didn't end up getting the Rebecca Minkoff purse I wanted for two reasons. First of all, they didn't have it at the store and second of all, I ended up using one of my gift cards to buy these Converse from Play Comme des Garcons at American Rag Cie. I've been wanting a pair of these for around six years now and since I was going to get a pair of high tops anyways, I figured why not the ones I've been wanting for so long? I can't wait to wear these around.
The day after, I went to the Bowers Museum for their display, Cut! Costume and and the Cinema. Although it was a small exhibit, I really enjoyed it. The costumes were amazing to look at, especially the ones from Phantom of the Opera and The Duchess. All the costumes from The Duchess reaffirmed my opinion that Keira Knightley has the best job ever. Who wouldn't want to get paid for getting dressed up beautifully? In a way, I kind of like how people used to get so dressed up. Sure, I love my Converse and jeans, but it would be fun to wear opulent ball gowns around and corsets, especially those Dolce and Gabbana corsets.

PS I had the best Valentine's Day this year. I got a presale code for Killers tickets, so I ditched Pre-Calc and went to the school computers to buy some tickets for Rebecca and me. At first, I was so upset that the school blocked ticketmaster, so then I got on my iPhone and ticketmaster kept on telling me that all the tickets had sold out, so I called my mum and luckily, she was able to get two tickets.


  1. Hey Audrey! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Your blog name is pretty cute too :P can't go wrong with hello kitty :)

  2. The pastry looks delicious! The comment you left on my blog about making 8 bows in the same color made laugh! :)

  3. omgosh you must have the world's coolest parents.. if i had skipped pre-calc to go pick up killers tix my parents would have gone totally nuts on me haha!

    your new shoes are sooooo so cute! adore them!! going to try that scent trick next time w/ the flower petals so ingenious!

  4. I'm searching EVERYWHERE for
    a leather camera bag. This
    Rebecca Minkoff bag might
    suits me! But I think you
    made a good choice by spending
    giftcard on the Converse CDG
    pair :P they are nice!


  5. those costumes look awesome! and yaa I want that camera bag as well, it looks like a purse!

  6. those converse are really cute! i like the rebecca minkoff bag too but the converse are a good trade. i'm going to paris soon too and i'm soooo excited!

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. Cute Converse.=) I need to read The Great Gatsby sometime.

  8. Milex-I hope in a good way!

    Steph Lau-Thank you! ^^

    Emily-Haha, I actually have several bows in repeating colors. D:

    Lisa-It works pretty well actually and it's nice that the perfume fades after awhile, so it means the perfume isn't staining your purse or anything. :D

    Ice Pandora-I think it would look really cute and it goes with your style so well!

    Pop Champagne-That's my favorite part about it! :)

    brooke-Let me know how it is! :D

    Kashaya-You should! It's great and it's very inspiring. When you read it, you can't help but get caught up in the party and their lives. ^^

  9. Hey Audrey! thank you for you comment on my blog a few days ago asking where is nice to visit in Paris. I bet you will probably know most of these little places but they're touristy for a reason I guess! the Pont des Arts and Pont de l'Archevêché bridges are a nice little spot to visit, it's just a little place couples have put locks with their names on and throw the key into the river. But I think it's a nice little area to have a stroll around because they'res lots of stalls selling old pictures and lots of other nice things close by. Then for some real shopping there's the Galerie La Fayette, one for women and one for men, even one for the house! I love that one too. And so many other shops around, there's always a buzz around this part and it's really the fast past of Paris here. All cafés around Paris are really lovely, there's a little restaurant where I've been twice for sandwiches and a sneaky cheesecake, and they're food is really delicious and the staff are really friendly and serve you really quick, it's called the Le Saint-Germain and here's the website hope that helps :)

    Katie xx

  10. really lovely post i need those play sneakers terribly!!
    xx rae

  11. The costumes look absolutely incredible! And the food looks delicious. :)

  12. Hello. And Bye. Thank you very much.

  13. Ooooh if you have the opportunity to buy one, don't hesitate, it's such an experience!

  14. Katie Clarke-Thank you so much! I'll have to Google those places and see if I can go! I'm so glad you responded to me. ^^

    Jaz xo-I know right! :D

    rae-They come in a creamy color too. :3

    Tian-I know; I love the costumes! (:

    Anonymous-You're welcome?

    Francois-I'll have to save up my money!

    Kri-They're actually a pretty good price, considering they're high tops too. ^^

  15. that pastry looks SOOOO good!!!


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