Sunday, February 24, 2013

RED Valentino Opening Party

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Yesterday, RED Valentino hosted a grand opening party at their location at South Coast Plaza. Luckily, I got an invitation thanks to the lovely salesperson, Kaylin, and I brought along my friends Tina, Jessy, and Michael, who just created a new blog that you should definitely check out. It was so nice to just get a chance to check out all of the new collection and to catch up with my Fashion Friends.
Afterwards, we got drinks and pastries at Champagne and waited for Michael to come join us, since he had to come late due to driving lessons. Be warned, the Fashion Friends are on the road. I don't know if you can tell, but I got my makeup done by Chanel earlier on in the morning at a Neiman Marcus event. It's only my second time having my makeup done by someone who's not my mum, so I was amazed at how smooth they made my skin look. I ended up buying some products from them, which I will share later on.
Since the party was for RED Valentino, my friends and I did the cheesy approach by all wearing red. Sometimes we match a little too well hence the blazers, polka dots, and Converse. Jessy says it's like we came out of an editorial. I'm wearing a Vince Camuto blazer, an Ann Taylor LOFT camisole, Bullhead jeans, a Burberry purse, and Play Comme des Garcons Converse.
Michael had to leave early to go to Disneyland with some friends, so Jessy, Tina, and I wondered around the mall, looking at different stores. Tina, being the hardcore shopaholic of the group, had to stop off at Forever 21 to unload all her money on accessories, while I had to look at Barney's Co-Op. That place is just like heaven.
At RED Valentino, they gave out the cutest snacks, little candied apples wrapped up with a sweet bow. I really like how girly and cute they made the snacks to match the brand's image. Marni was also giving out samples of their new perfume. They had the coolest perfume display with four seemingly empty cups. Three of the cups had the different notes of the perfume-the spices, floral, and fruity-and the last one had all three mixed together to create the perfume. Also, I just got 250 followers, so I'm going shopping today for a giveaway. Please stay tuned for that!


  1. looks like you all had a lovely time! enjoy the candy apples, they look yummy! :D

  2. I am so craving a candied apple! And makeup by Chanel must have been so luxurious.

    7% Solution​

  3. Aww this looks like fun! How lucky that you were invited to the Red Valentino party :) The candied apples look cute!

  4. Steph Lau-I have yet to try it! It's too cute to eat! D:

    aki!-I love how you can't even feel the makeup when it's on. :3

    Karen-It was so much fun to catch up with everyone. ^^

  5. how fun! the red candy apples is such an apropro gift from red valentino :) your skin really looks amazing. i love chanel foundation as you probably already know haha!

  6. oh wow they do give out the cutest snacks, looks like a fun event to go to! and F21 does have the best and cheap accessories haha

  7. Oh sweetie looks like you have a lot of fun. Now I´m following you I hope your follow me back.


  8. The candy apples are such a fun treat - sounds like a great evening!

  9. Aw it looks like you had quite an awesome time. Can't wait to see what you bought :)

  10. It's really inspiring blog! Love at the first sight <3

    Wanna follow each other with GFC? Please let me know :)

  11. Amazing blog, and amazing photos :D Now I'm following you!!

    Mi Quinta Avenida ♥

  12. Nice pictures!!
    Love, Annewil

    Join my GIVEAWAY!!

  13. Great post!!! I love the pics!!

  14. Lisa-I'm starting to love it too! It's so light and smells good too. :3

    Pop Champagne-Haha, Tina would agree. She buys everything from there. (:

    Sakuranko-Thank you! ^^

    Lisa - respect the shoes-So cute too! :3

    Fi-I'll get the photos up soon!

    Sausan Hanifah-Thank you! :D

    Mi Quinta Avenida♥-Thank you so much! c:

    Anne Willemjin-Thanks! (:


  15. Applecandies as snacks! How
    cute is that :P You're are
    so lucky you got invited
    Audrey! Your friends are
    totaaally matching :P


  16. You lucky girls attending this event!! Love it!!! xx

  17. Ice Pandora-I know right! We always match a little too well. D:

    Maria Bastida-Thank you!

  18. Love all the outfits you and your friends are wearing! And the Valentino snacks are so adorable!

  19. You are just amazing, I have just spent a good 10 minutes looking through your blog and reading some stuff, too awesome! And we live around the same area! (I'm LA and I'm thinking youre in the OC?) - Well anyways, great quality blog my love!


  20. It seems like you had so much fun! I can't believe that this was at South Coast Plaza--I used to go there with my mom all the time!


  21. Lydia Teo-Thank you so much! ♥

    Tatiana and the Deathly Fashion-Thank you! I live in southern California and explore the whole area, so we're pretty close. ^^

    Traveling in Flats-Really? Did you grow up around the area?

  22. Awesome pics! And great event:)

  23. I absolutely love when other people do my make up for me especially when they're better at and own better make up :D

    It looks like you guys had a blast hopefully you'll be able to make it for another fashion store's grand opening!

  24. Ira Kharchenko-Thank you!^^

    P o o p e r-Hopefully, we'll get to go to more. And it's amazing how different you look after the makeover. :o


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