Sunday, February 10, 2013

Year of the Snake

Playing: Nothing Left-One Night Only
Reading: Kappa by Ryunosuke Akutagawa
Left to Right: Michael, me, Jessy, and Tina
Last Thursday, South Coast Plaza hosted a private party for Chinese New Years, so my fashionable group of friends and I took my parents' place at the party. Michael, Jessy, Tina, and I were trying to coordinate our outfits, but we kind of gave up on it. Somehow without talking to each other, we all showed up in jewel tones though! The party was held in Jewel Court right outside of Macy's. It was surprisingly large and they had some stereotypical Chinese New Years entertainment like lions and musical performances.
Appetizers and dim sum were catered by Capital Seafood, I think. Even though there were servers passing out shumai and sushi, it was easier just to wait in the long lines for food. Most of the food was actually pretty good and from my surprisingly long history of pretending to be more in touch with my Chinese ancestry than I am, I thought it tasted pretty legit. The cha sio bao was a bit sweeter than normal and the dan ta (not pictured) had a cookie shell instead of a pastry shell, but it still tasted good.
After the party, they even handed out red envelopes with dollar bills and valet parking vouchers. Amazingly enough, this is the most generous offering I've gotten so far for Chinese New Years. Even though I'm primarily Chinese, I really have never collected huge amounts of cash for Chinese New Years unlike my friends. One of them got a new laptop and another one got over a thousand dollars. How did they do that?
Once we were completely done with exploring the mall, we walked around the parking structure, taking photos and joking around. I really like how these parking lot photos turned out, even though this photo is so obviously posed. It was such a joy to be able to hang out with the three of them again, since we hadn't seen each other since Michael's birthday. Hopefully, we'll see each other soon for another party.
One more thing, here's my outfit from the day. I wore an Ann Taylor LOFT sweater, Zara shorts, Gap tights, Marc by Marc Jacobs earrings, a Bally purse, and a pair of Barney's Co-Op heels. How was your Chinese New Years? How did you celebrate?


  1. aww love this! happy chinese new years :) it looks like such a fun party.. i really like fashionable parties at high end malls haha.. they always have the best food :p i use to go to the parties at ala moana when i lived in hawaii it was always so fun!

    cute outfit! you look fab hon! i love your tights!

  2. How fun, a mall, Chinese new year party!
    I feel like people with loads of relatives usually cash in big time.
    Great outfit! I like the color of that sweater

  3. looks like you had a nice dinner and all for chinese new year! happy new year!! I'm having my dinner tonight haha

  4. Lisa-I love the parties mostly for the dressing up part! You've got Alo Moana down and I've got South Coast! WE SHOULD TEAM UP! :D

    Francois-Je t'en prie. ^^

    prancing bee-I know right. Maybe I don't cash in because most of my relatives live far away?

    Pop Champagne-Have fun celebrating Chinese New Years! (:

  5. You look so lovely in the last photo! Happy new year! xo

  6. Happy Chinese New Year! It looks like you had a blast. Great outfit too!

  7. what?! how does one get a laptop for chinese new year. it doesn't even FIT into an envelope. lol. clearly i too never got anything huge. hope you had a great new year! looks like a fun party (although i'm more partial to the pasty shell dan tat).


  8. Amazing blog <3

    Would you like to follow each other? I've already followed you via GFC dear!

  9. Happy Chinese New Year
    Audrey c: You and your
    fabulous friends are
    lovely looking! The
    food looks YUM! And so
    nice of the event for
    giving red pockets!
    And yes, I never collect
    huge amount of money
    as well with CNY. I feel
    poor for not receiving
    a new laptop/1000$ :c


  10. Jaz xo-Aww, thank you! (:


    nancy @ adore to adorn-Thanks and happy late Chinese New Years to you! ^^

    LoveStyleHappiness-I know right! HOW DID SHE GET A LAPTOP? o:

    Monica T.-Thank you!

    Ice Pandora-Thanks! I'll be sure to tell them. Haha and don't feel poor; the most I've ever raked in is $20. XD

  11. Love the post!


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