Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"She Thinks I'm Much Too Thin, She Asks Me if I'm Sick"

Playing: Blackdown-Patrick Wolf
Reading: A Lion Among Men by Gregory Maguire
It seems like I get sick way too often, especially this school year. I've missed so many days at school that I'm starting to run out of ways to spend my sick days. Truthfully, sick days aren't fun like they were in elementary school, since I have to constantly worry about what I'm missing at school and have to work on school work, while I'm trying to get better now. I just thought I'd share with you some stuff I did on the weekend, when my cold started. I finally used my Barnes and Nobles gift cards to purchase the last two books in the Wicked Years and two books on Coco Chanel, while the JD Salinger books are late Christmas presents from Tina.
After my book trip, I went to Open Sesame for the best fried potatoes I've ever had. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, these potatoes are great for any time. Although it's a bit sour from the lemon juice, I really enjoy the fresh flavors from the chili flakes, olive oil, and cilantro. I order this as a starter every time I go to Open Sesame along with a tamarind drink.
For my entree, I ordered their special, the Molokhia, which is shredded chicken and garden mallow leaves simmered in lemon juice, garlic, and chili flakes served on top of basmati rice. I know I said the potatoes are one of the best things I've ever had, but this seriously is too. As you know, I normally don't eat vegetables, but the mallow leaves were so flavorful and tender. All the flavors were fresh and unexpected yet very comforting. This is how you know I'm sick; it took me four meals to finish this. Whenever I'm sick, I don't eat very much and end up losing weight, which means I can go eat fattening foods later on to put the weight back on. (What a bonus, am I right?)
The area around Open Sesame, Belmont Shore, is so cute and dare I say it, one of the best ways to waste away a lazy afternoon. It's super family friendly and has all sorts of quirky shops. It has literally everything you would imagine California having such as: surf shops, Starbucks, independent stores, music stores, etc. It's not one of those must see attractions, but it's definitely a nice way to spend your afternoon. Unfortunately, I had to leave quickly since my cold was making me very tired. For more info on Belmont Shore, click here and here.

PS I got tickets to go see Andrew McMahon for the sixth time! I'm so close to reaching the double digits; it's great!


  1. I love the sound of the second dish, yum xo

  2. i think you had a pretty good v-day.. skipping school to get tix to the killers sounds pretty badass to me.. it's like the gift that keeps on giving hahaha!

    yummm that looks so good i loveeee fried potatoes!! to be fair i like anything fried though ahaha!

  3. Jaz xo-I want to try making it too. (:

    Lisa-I like anything fried too. Haha, high five!

  4. Hi dear, hope that you feel better soon, try some vitamin C to beat the cold, the food looks so interesting.

  5. OMG! That food looks soooo good! THank you so much for your kind comments. I am your new follower. Would love if you follow me back:-)

  6. Sam-Thank you! And I will try some. ^^

    Ask Erena-Thank you so much!


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