Monday, May 27, 2013

One Last Time

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Reading: Life of Pi by Yann Martel
Over Memorial Day weekend, I have been spending time at my beach house in Sunset Beach with my family, since we just sold it and wanted to spend some time there before we move out. While there, we decided to visit all the places in the area that we normally don't go to unless we're staying at this house including the San Pedro fish market. I don't remember the name of the restaurant I ate at, but pretty much all of the restaurants there offer the same dishes. For starters, we ordered a container of ceviche, which was fresh and flavorful, perfect for summer.
My favorite thing to order is the shrimp fajitas with vegetables and bread. They serve it all on a tray with onions, bell peppers, potatoes, and tomatoes topped with a spicy sauce that is just wonderful. Even though it's messy, it is definitely worth it and the bread is brushed with tons of butter and then left on the grill until crisp. Then you can use the bread to soak up the extra sauce and to pick up the vegetables. It's spicy and buttery and a must try if you are in the area.
The San Pedro fish market is in an interesting area too, lined up by the harbour. You can eat right next to the docks and look at the sea life below and afterwards, you can explore the little shopping area or drive to one of the nearby parks. Be warned, though: it can be very crowded and the lines can be long.
For the most part, I spend my time at the other house taking long walks on the beach or going kayaking with my dog. How cute is he? His name is Hobbes and he looks ridiculous in his doggy life jacket. He also has issues with taking pictures and rarely looks into the camera or stays still long enough to get a non-blurry photo. This is my first time moving and it feels weird knowing that I will never be coming back to this home. It feels weird to know that some stranger will repaint my room and that if I ever do walk into it again, it won't be my home and all my things will be gone. It's melancholy to know that I won't be jumping off the dock to go swimming anymore and that I won't go to sleep to the sound of waves. It's vaguely nostalgic and maybe I'll feel differently in a few years.


  1. omgosh hobbes is such a cutie!! didn't know you had a doggy.. he's so adorable!

  2. I hope The San Pedro fish market has a nice restaurant where they serve
    fresh fish dishes c: And your dog Hobbes is soooooooo adorableeee!
    I want to give him a big cuddle :P
    Ohhh you're moving out! That's a
    big step towards being independent
    I suppose? Good luck!!

  3. The food Looks really yummie, now I'm hungry. ;)

    Hobbes is so cute.

  4. Lisa-Thank you! ^^

    Ice Pandora-I'm actually not moving out of my parent's house and on my own for another year or so. We're just selling our extra house, since we don't use it enough.

    Aga Guerrero Olesinska-It was. :3

    Glam up your Lifestyle-Glad my photos make the food look good! :D

  5. Really nice your post, I like the area, San Pedro! My favorite picture is the one with Hobbes! So cute! Congratulations for such a cute friend!

  6. Hobbes is such a little cutie!

  7. Oh wow :) It sounds like a nice getaway, wonderful shots of the food!

  8. awww what a cute puppy! I love eating right next to the ocean haha it just feels amazing! have a great memorial day weekend!

  9. Denise-Thanks! What's your favorite place by San Pedro? I'd love to visit it.

    trishie-Aww, thank you. ♥

    Stephanie Lula-Thanks!

    Pop Champagne-Thanks! Hope you had an amazing one too!

  10. Your posts are making me hungry!

  11. Your posts are making me hungry!


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