Saturday, May 11, 2013

"She Dressed in White..."

Reading: Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan (Pretty racist, but it's for school.)
Sorry for not blogging recently. Nothing of interest has been going on in my life, since I've been preoccupied with studying for APUSH, physics, and French. The APUSH test is this Wednesday and my physics final is this Monday, so hopefully after that I'll have more free time to do fun things. Last weekend, I picked up a few things I've been wanting after lunch at Tandoori Indian Cuisine. Most of the food was pretty good and the service was friendly, so I'll be back again.
I've been looking for a white blazer for awhile now and it would be nice to own a white pantsuit to wear for formal occasions instead of the same old dresses I have worn a thousand times. Also, all white outfits look so clean and perfect for warmer weather. I love the back of the sweater with the tails and the gold zipper going down it, while the blazer looks rather angular on me and I like that. Both are from Zara and I really like Zara sweaters now. I should just buy one in each color.
Other than holographic accessories, I've also liked lucite accessories for awhile, so I also bought this purse at Zara. It would have been nice to have one without color, but I don't mind the blue. It's really small, so I'm surprised that it can fit my phone and my camera. The only problem I have with clear purses is that everything inside must look perfectly organized otherwise it drives me crazy. This clear envelope is the perfect day clutch too and would make a good addition to my purse collection.
Slightly unrelated but still important, The Great Gatsby was beautiful. Muiccia Prada and Brooks Brothers did a great job with all the costumes. The movie was just what I expected from Baz Luhrmann-over the top and slightly cheesy. Other than the fact that the rap music was inappropriate for the time period, I thought the film captured the glamor and wonder that Jay Gatsby offers perfectly. However, I do understand why critics have not been liking it. Luhrmann films are just one of those things, where you either love it or hate it and I am one of those people that love all of his theatrics. (Edit-Someone mentioned that the movie failed to get you emotionally attached to the characters, which is true. In the book, I found Gatsby's life to be tragic and I hated Daisy intensely, while in the movie, most of my feelings for the characters were shaped by what I had read rather than by the movie itself.)

The title is a quote from The Great Gatsby and after reading the book four times, I'm getting really good at quoting it.


  1. great new closet additions! can't wait to watch the great gatsby!

  2. That white blazer is amazing!! x

  3. Good luck with your school! c:
    Mhmm Indian food <3 so good!
    I'm fan! Especially the curry :P

    I love your Zara haul, the
    white sweater looks nice! I'm
    going to check out our Zara to
    see if I can find a white
    transparent clutch!

    Can't wait for The Great Gatsby!
    Hopefully Leo wins the Oscar
    this time :P


  4. Lisa-Go see it! The costumes are gorgeous! ^^


    Ice Pandora-If you find one, I definitely want to see! I really want a transparent one with no color. Also, it's about time Leo got an Oscar!

  5. Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!

    This blazer is so cool, I love the white so much!

    Have a great week,

  6. Mmm Indian food!
    I love that purse!
    I was so excited for The Great Gatsby but I'll probably wait for it to come out on blu-ray. The rap music thing has really gotten me disappointed.

  7. lucite jewelry is a lot of fun, and I really want to see the great gasby!!

  8. Kati-No problem! And white is just so clean!

    prancing bee-Truthfully, the rap music was the worst part. However, a friend of mine was explaining the artistic decision to me. He thinks that Luhrmann did that to show how dirty the times were and jazz music is now seen as classy, so it wouldn't have gotten the same idea across. Don't know if that's true, but it's a lovely thought! (:

    Pop Champagne-It's so interesting to look at too!

  9. Oh that looks really delicious!

  10. That white blazer is stunning, wow!

  11. Ahh I really need to go see The Great Gatsby! Not a huge fan of Luhrmann but I find his films entertaining at least!

  12. yeps! totally agreed that white dresse/tops/whatsoever-body-covering stuffs were perfect for warm weather :)

    from Myxilog with love <3

  13. I don't know abt the APUSH of luck dear

    Btw do check out our new post
    Stay in touch

  14. you liked the great gatsby? i heard it wasn't good at all~

  15. Sakuranko-It was! (:


    Stacey Lui-I'm actually a big fan of his work! I find it beautiful to watch. ^^


    Nettie S.-Thanks!

    Antee Gurung-Thanks! I took it last week. (:

  16. Love your ZARA clutch..very CHIC!!

  17. Sarah S-Yeah because it was really beautiful and glamorous. I fell in love with the splendor of The Great Gatsby, so it was nice to see all of that translated to the big screen.



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