Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years!

Mood: Tired
Playing: Sing-My Chemical Romance
For New Years I went to a sleepover at Tina's house with Tiffany and Jackie. We were watching this Japanese celebration for New Years that had all these famous Japanese musicians performing, which included Arashi! Get ready for a picture drop complete with a lovely story!
Jackie, Tina, Tiffany, and Tina's little brother, Kent, played cards with me and we decided to gamble using cookies. Tina and I lost all of our cookies during BlackJack. Jackie eventually lost all of her's too. Somehow Kent ended up getting the most, even though he's allergic to an ingredient in the cookies. Lucky for Tina, Jackie, and I, he shared with us.
Aren't Tina's camera and camera pouch so cute? I love how she used deco pieces and ribbons on her camera. She offered to deco my camera, using her deco items that I lack and she got in Japan, but I declined because I thought it would be rude of me to use up her deco pieces. She's so sweet to me, though, and gave me a donut to stick on my camera.
We all counted down until 2011 together and watched the crystal ball drop in Times Square. We were about to turn off the TV, since we saw Lil Wayne performing and we don't like him, but then I saw My Chemical Romance. Of course, I forced my friends to listen to me talk about all the My Chemical Romance facts I know because I'm always talking...Thank you Jackie, Tiffany, and Tina for putting up with my endless rambling about random bands. (The picture above was drawn by Tina and it's the four of us celebrating 2011!) Tina's parents treated us like family, making sure Tiffany, Jackie, and I got into all the photos and videos. I thought that was so sweet of them!
I was flipping through Tina's sketch book and she had so many great drawings in it. This is my favorite drawing she did! It's like a manga cover. We ended up staying up until 3:15 AM and we got up at 6:00 AM because Tina and Tiffany had to go to the Rose Bowl Parade. Jackie and I were pretty grumpy waking up. Haha, probably because she and I have a hard time falling asleep. Also, Tina drew a picture of me and this guy she thinks I look cute with. I would post it, but I have a terrible feeling, he would end up seeing it. Then I would be terribly embarrassed.
What did you do for New Years?


  1. In new year i do nothing T__T
    But that's ok~
    Woow, she is so good to draw! *w*
    Really love those pictures!
    And Tina's camera and that pouch are cute! ;w;
    I want those!!<3

  2. Meri and Anni-I want her camera and pouch too! Haha, you can help me steal them! XD Just kidding!

  3. chrmical romance is one of my sister's fav bands, I like some of their songs too :) happy new year!

  4. Sounds like you had a fun night with your friends celebrating the new year~
    I agree about Tina's drawings, btw. They DO look like manga covers! Especially the way she colours/paints them~

  5. Pop Champagne-Your sister has great taste in music than! :D

    jjeje-Oh you're right! The way she colors them really adds to it! :3

  6. OMG ! The drawings are so gorgeouss &; cutee . Great artists .

  7. Paula Yang-Sorry for the super late reply! I know! Her drawings really surprised me because I had no idea she was professional level! :3

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