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Adrian Wu Fall/Winter 2010

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So, as you know, I hope to get into a career dealing with fashion, so I thought I should start posting more fashion posts. I thought I could help give shopping tips to achieve different styles or do reviews of different collections. I thought that I could do a review of Adrian Wu's Fall/Winter 2010 collection because I really like his clothing after seeing it on Pop Champagne. This is my first time doing a review, so please be kind!
Adrian Wu's collection reminded me quite a bit of Alexander McQueen's unfinished collection, the one he was working on before he hung himself. It's probably because he used tapestry looking fabrics, just like Alexander McQueen. This blazer, although unrealistic, looks exceedingly glamorous, when worn with just heels.
This poncho style dress interested me because it seems too slouchy for a glamorous event, but yet the fabric is expensive, so where would you wear it too? I guess for the filthy rich, any charity ball would do.
I think this look is probably my favorite, even though it wasn't meant to be the show stopper. I love how he used two patterned fabrics that don't necessarily go together, but yet work so perfectly. The large painted stokes help lend this whole look a very Lanvin feel for me. The silhouette helps too.
This dress looks like it is perfectly cut because it fits her so well. One of the problems I have with these photos is the surroundings he chose. The pieces bring to mind old Europe and I guess you could say darker thoughts, but I know that's not the right wording! The surrounding backdrop feels modern and serene, with the plants. Don't you think those two things are complete opposites?
For some reason, this dress doesn't work for me...I love the top half, I really do. I love the simplicity of the dress combined with the complicated fabric, but the fur just doesn't look right. It's as if she tossed on a cute cocktail dress and decided it was cold outside, so she decided a fur skirt would help.
This was the last photo in the album and obviously the dress is meant to be the showstopper, but it's not my favorite. You've already seen the one I like the most. I think this dress is amazing and the skirt work is really incredible. I got all of these photos from Adrian Wu's Facebook and if you would like to see the other 4 looks, click here. If you don't agree with me about his collection, that's alright. I understand. After all, I'm wearing two different nail polishes on each hand. Grey on one and a light metallic turquoise on the other.
What do you think of his collection?


  1. Good 1st review!
    I personally love the last one!

  2. Mitchie-Thank you! I love the last one too! It's just that the third one took my breath away!

  3. Never heard of him, but me likeee! Thanks for your lovely comment :)


  4. I like 4th dress. I think the rest is too shapeless.

  5. i like his collection and the phoot shoot I agree with the dress it seems a bit odd and out of place with the extra layer of white under the skirt :/ I would love it without the extra piece :)

    also happy new year ^^

  6. awesome review and thanks for the shoutout! I also agree on you with the dresses, the one with the fur on the bottom is not really for me but I do love the last one!

  7. La Petite Marmoset-You're welcome! I hope you check out more of his clothing. ^^

    nancy inspiration-I see what you mean, but I guess you could also call it nice draping techniques! :)

    Jazzy E(hivennn)-Yup, I agree!:)

    Hello Naka-I know right! It's so cute without that white fur jutting out. Happy New Year to you too! ^^

    Pop Champagne-No problem! I love your blog! The last one is outstanding. I would love to wear it to a gala or something! :3

  8. Oh my god, those are beautiful.

  9. Madeline and sophie-They are, aren't they? :3

  10. Hmmm... I am not sure. I am kind of undecided.. I love your blog though and hope we become blogger friends :-)

  11. Savannah Burton-Thanks! We can definitely try to become blogger friends! :3

  12. i love the last one ,, the dress ! <33 it`s so Gorgeouss ((:

  13. Paula Yang-I know right! Perfect for a gala!


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