Sunday, January 23, 2011


Mood: Stressed
Playing: The Kids From Yesterday-My Chemical Romance
It's finals week at school and I'm freaking out. I know I haven't been posting as much as I used to, but my life has been very boring and dull lately, so there's nothing interesting to post about. Now here's where I break the news to you that I'm not going to post a lot this week because of finals. I have to raise my grades in all my classes because my parents expect high A's in all my classes. To make this post a bit cheery, I thought I would share with you some rainbow photos! Hope these cheer you up!
 A letter I mailed to Sophie over summer. I love the idea of raining rainbows...
This is also from summer. I decided to line my color pencils up and I just noticed that in between the green and yellow, there's a pencil out of place...
No way, this is also from summer time. I really miss summer time because it was so free and easy. No one to please and no one to nag me about being better than the over achievers at school....
When are your finals?


  1. my finals are in two weeks but i think i'll pass out before taking them!
    very very cute pics

  2. awh cute letter ^^ and finals r in june/may :( seriously stressing out thinking about them though! XD

  3. ana-Haha, I'm stressing over them. I've spent hours and hours studying for it!

    Hello Naka-Thank you! I wonder how hard finals are...

    we even have PE finals. D:

  5. Best of luck with your exams! ;)

  6. I miss school. Not finals haha. Also, nice envelope !

  7. Don't have any. However, I do love your balloons picture.

  8. My finals are now!!! O_o
    I hate them. From the bottom of my little heart. :D

    You'll do just fine. Good luck! :)

    Following and supporting!

  9. tehe yeah i normally get lost in big shopping malls too XD my friends always get lost! XD we have to phone each other and be like where r u im lost XD

  10. Sarash S-I know! My parents expect perfect straight A's!

    Giselle-Thank you so much! ^^

    Cheddar Wizzard-Thanks! I like school kind of. I like learning and seeing friends, but I hate grades!

    The Game Store Guy-Ooh lucky! Thanks by the way!

    my day in a sentence-Thank you! I hope you do well on your finals too! :)

    Hello Naka-Haha, I'm so glad it's not just my friends and me! XD

  11. seeing your picture just reminded me of how much I love colored pencils! :)


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