Monday, January 3, 2011

I Saw Snow!

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I'm thinking of getting rid of the mood thing up above. All it shows is that most of the time I'm neither happy nor sad. That's not saying that I'm never happy or sad. It's just saying that I almost always right my blog posts up after doing homework or in the morning on weekends.
Yesterday, I went to the Cabazon Outlets because I was hoping to catch the great end of holiday sales! Well, the real reason is we were planning on going shooting or to Joshua Tree, but I caught a cold, so we couldn't....
It started to snow, while we were in one of the stores, so my brother and I ran out to check it out. You can see the snow clinging to my hair a tad and my new-ish dyed hair.
Yup, I wasn't the only one taking photos of the snow. A lot of you probably live in areas, where it does snow, so this is no big deal for you. For me, it's my first time experiencing snow, so that's why I'm making a post about it. I also want to do a post, where I show you some of the flooding going on.
Yay, you can see snow on my arm too. Yes, that's a sweater I bought, while at the outlets. It was such a good price and I need warmer clothing because this winter has been especially cold for a California winter.
It wasn't cold enough for the snow to stay frozen, so it all melted and ended up looking like rain...While at the outlets, I went to the Burberry store and I found the most darling little jacket, but it was over $500 and would put me back at least a year, if not two for my Lady Dior bag. I've been saving up for awhile and when you're a kid and don't have a job, saving up for something takes forever...
Does it snow where you live?


  1. Where I am, in Gerogia, it sometime snows. It's snowed for the last three years I think but only once or twice each year, and usuallyin late winter. Last year the first snow we got was in march! Somehow, it snowed here twice in December though! It must be really great seeing snow for the first time ♥

  2. Here snow MUCH in winter. right now here is maybe over 20 cm snow..

  3. We had a lot of snow over here, I love it! but now it's almost gone:(

  4. serepuff-That's weird that it snows in Georgia! (At least in my mind because whenever I think of Georgia, I think of warmth!^^)

    riysse-One time when I was in LA, it hailed. All hail LA. (Excuse the bad joke!)XD

    Meri and Anni-20cm? Whoa! How can you drive in that? :O

    M'leikie-I like the snow or at least what I saw...I hope the snow comes back for you! :)

  5. I live in Dallas and it snows usually once or twice a year in February and January... I love your blog! :-)

  6. Savannah Burton-In Dallas too? Isn't Texas supposed to be hot? XD Thank you so much, by the way!

  7. Super cute (kawaii, if I want to get Japanese-y) blog!!! It does sometimes snow where I live, usually (as in Savy's case) once or twice a year. Actually this year I had a miraculous white christmas!!!
    Very cute sweater, and that is about the shade my hair is dyed as well.
    Kind of random, but I just got My Neighbor Totoro in from Netflix, I'm sure you've seen it, did you like it? :)



  10. Madeline and Sophie-OH MY GOODNESS! Last night, I was on Netflix, looking for MY Neighbor Totoro! Hahaha, what perfect timing! You're so lucky to have snow, where you live. I've always wanted to have snowball fights. :)

    Sasssquatch-I wish it snowed in California(out of the desert)! :D

  11. I had alot of snow in dec, but now its just cold XD it snows but it doesnt lay :p and tehe i noe i wish i took a photo of the metal hutter now XD

  12. Hello Naka-Ooh, when it's just cold, I don't like it. I hate it when it gets windy! D:


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