Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Update

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My internet has been extremely bipolar lately. Sometimes it works extremely well, while other times it doesn't work at all, so excuse me, if I haven't been leaving as many comments on your blogs! If you're wondering why I'm disappointed, it's because a certain really good friend of mine didn't make the tennis team. I really wanted him to make it, but on the bright side, we're going to have PE together now!
I decided I should show you more stuff from school and what's been going on in my life. I was wondering, if you would be interested in seeing my flood photos. If so, I have two great posts coming for you! If not, you might need to give me some time to find something interesting to talk about...By the way, I redid Obsessive Cuteness Disorder and it's now Audrey On The Vogue. Please check it out!
This post actually goes back to Christmas time...I got a Christmas card from a British family I'm friends with. I thought it was interesting how they put that little sticker on it.
I thought this was funny. There's been this shoe in this tree at my school. Terry told me that this shoes has been at my school for four years! When I graduate, I want to add a shoe of my own. Maybe one of my Converse?
When I didn't make the team, Hannie was really sweet and gave me this note and some Hi-Chew. I thought it was a very sweet gesture. We should really go to karaoke one day...
We had a Secret Santa at church and we had to write two things down that we liked for it...I didn't know it was for the Secret Santa, so I did a clueless Audrey move and wrote, "food&fashion." I feel really bad for the person who got me. What would you get for a girl who wrote that, when gift cards aren't allowed? Daniela made this cute Christmas gift, where she filled mini bags with M&M's. She told me that it took forever to fill all the little bags!
I brought my seal, Shota, to school one day, for some reason. Guess what we found in my French classroom? We found a guillotine! My French teacher's joke for us, when we annoy her is that she'll behead us! Haha, pretty crazy huh?
Would you be interested in seeing my flood photos? It'll probably take 2 posts!


    Hi-chew is basically my life. I first discovered it in this little shop called Fearless Weirdos in the midtown section of my town, and it is sooooo good. Personal favorite= green apple, amazee!!!!
    Pffft designer wardrobes. Basically that's the only major designer thing we both have (both Sophie and I have Miu Miu collars, we lusted over them last spring and haddd to get them), and also Sophie has this really cute Marc Jacobs dress.

  2. Madeline and Sophie-I love the green apple Hi-Chew too! That has to be my favorite flavor. If you want more "exotic" flavors, you can find them in Asian super markets. Pssh, lucky you getting those Miu Miu collars. I wanted one, but I just couldn't get myself to buy one! T^T Now a Marc Jacobs dress interests me because he's one of my favorite designers ever!

  3. Ahaha the shoe seems so entertaining! I wonder if whoever's shoe it is left it there and went home with one shoe on that day. xD

  4. sorry to hear about the floods D: it looks like u got alot of goodies in the post :p and tehe thanks for the birthday wish and yeah it would be fun to get fit together :DDDD

  5. That's so nice of your secret snowman!! M%Ms are the best!!!
    Definitly want to see your flood photos!!
    Will also check out Audrey on the Vogue, it sounds awesome!!
    Love your blog!!
    Your 90th follower,

  6. Hello:]
    wow lucky you,look at all that sweetness.I suddenly want loads of sugar><

  7. serepuff-I can totally see someone walking home with one shoe on! XD

    Hello Naka-You're welcome! Haha, at least the flood aren't close to my home! We can try to run the mile under ten minutes together! XD

    Jen in the Purple Pants-Sweet, thank you so much for the follow! The M&M's and bracelet were actually from two different people.^^

    Bahj/fish-*gives you some candy* Yay!

  8. That was really sweet of Hannie to give you a bunch of Hi-chews and to go out for karaoke. :D I would of been so happy if it was me!

    Haha, food and fashion. xD Atleast fashion can mean anything! :3 Jewelery, scarves, handbags. *.*

    That's really awesome how your teacher has a guillotine! Though ... is the blade real? XD;

  9. P o o p e r-Hannie has always been really sweet to me. The only problem is the person who got me for Secret Santa was a guy, so he had to ask his mum for help. We're not allowed to touch the guillotine, so I'm not sure if it's real...

  10. probably a boxer, but we're also thinking about having a "mix" between boxer or any type of dog which looks alike (i hope i made myself clear, english is not the language i usually speak lol)
    i really like your blog, i'll be following for sure!

  11. haha your teacher is very funny!
    thanks for dropping by girlie!

  12. p.s. the elin kling collection is only available in sweden. i'm so sad!!

  13. ana cous cous-Thank you so much! Ooh, Boxers are so cute! I love how they look so tough, but in an adorable way! :3

    Larissa-No problem! Aww, only in Sweden? How am I going to get my hands on that clutch? D:

  14. I love your blog and I'd love to see your flood photos. Your friend's Secret Santa gifts are so cute too. xxx

  15. Natasha-Thank you so very much! The gifts were actually from two different people! ^^

  16. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! ;) Following on Google Friend Connect.

  17. Giselle-Thank you so much for the follow! ^^

  18. I haven't had Hi Chew in the longest time! The mini bags of m&m's are the cutest! Also, receiving international mail is the best!

  19. wow your teacher has a guillotine? cool.. haha
    I give you an award! please check my page ^^

  20. Oh I've got that when I went to the shop! When I see the online shop I want to have everything and when I finally was there I liked just a few things

  21. Winnie-I love receiving mail from anywhere and everywhere! Oh my goodness, you should get some Hi-Chew soon! They sell it at Albertsons and Ralph's now!

    Ribaka-Thank you so much! I'll have to check it out! ^^

    Ruby and Siel-Online shopping is always so hard because you can't try the actual clothing on!


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