Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Out West in Venice, Oh, California in the Summer!"

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I kind of like the idea of making song lyrics the title of my posts. The lyrics are from "Holiday From Real" by Jack's Mannequin and it kind of relates to most of this post, which is about my trip to Venice Beach and summertime.

This greeted me today, when I set about Googling things like recipes for cookies and such. It's a first day of summer sketch by Takashi Murakami! Isn't it adorable? I love the psycho look to the creatures' eyes.
There's a freak show down at Venice Beach and they use this two headed turtle to draw you in. However, my mum disapproved of me paying $5 to see humans and animals put on display, so I did not see anything more. Even if I did go in, they probably wouldn't have let me take pictures for you, so it really makes no difference...I felt bad for the turtles. What if one wants to go left and the other right? They really have to accommodate for each other, huh? I have to admit, they were probably the most friendly turtles I've met in awhile.
Venice Beach has tons of side shows and street performers. I liked watching this man make a sand sculpture of an octopus. However, there are street performers, who do gymnastics and break-dancing. Sometimes, they drag in members of the audience to help them and I was unfortunate enough to be chosen. The guy jumped over six people and I was scared I was going to loose my head. It is common courtesy for you to give them a few dollars, but many of the shows are the same thing! They even use the exact same jokes.
Afterwords, my family and I went to one of my favorite restaurants to go to, when in the LA area. It's a Peruvian place and they make great lomo saltado, which is flambeed steak with tomatoes, onions, and such. I decided to try dessert there for the first time, so my family got two alforjas. They're basically sugar cookies with caramel in the middle and powder sugar on top. Then they decorate it with chocolate syrup and whipped cream.
Have you ever been to Venice Beach?


  1. bless the turtles :( wow the sand octpus is pretty awesome! no i havent been but I really want too now!

  2. Hello Naka-I feel bad for the turtles! They can never be free! D: When you do go, be warned, there are some sketchy people!

  3. awww the turtles are so cute!!!

    that dessert looks divine! i have been to venice and i love it the beach is def the MOST unique beach of any beach i've ever been too haha.

    no i don't speak german.. but i'm guessing i'll learn very quickly there haha.

  4. wanna visit someday hah
    Thanks for your comment , Haha

    Check out my latest happy post!

  5. Lisa-Venice Beach is absolutely crazy! I hope you learn German fast and that you love it there! ^^

    Florence-You're welcome! You should definitely visit it, if you;re into unusual areas...XD


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