Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thrifting With My Friends

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Tomorrow I have a Biology test, where I have to label 50 structures on a fetal pig. The only thing is there's around 100 things I need to know, but there's only 50 questions, so I'm nervous as to which my teacher will put on the test. Biology tests always turn me into a nervous wreck and being sick doesn't help either. I have both a sore throat, which limits how much I can talk, and a runny nose...Today, I had a headache, while taking my history test, so I had a hard time thinking. My colds always include the same symptoms: runny nose, coughing, sore throat, slight headaches, and occasionally, my voice is altered. My voice at the moment is very deep and nasal. Sometimes, when I try to talk, I can barely get a sound out, so I have to cough before I talk to guarantee that noise will come out. On the bright side of life, I got a perfect score on my French test and I went thrifting with Austin, Aadil, and Sophie during Memorial Day weekend!
We went to a Buffalo Exchange, where Sophie and I got all excited, while Aadil and Austin were soon bored. Silly boys going shopping with girls! Sophie and I tried on so much clothing, but barely anything looked decent on us. Look at the no pile. In the no pile, there is vintage, Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, clothes that people have DIY-ed, and so on. After naming all those great options, I think you know why thrifting is a good thing. You can get unique clothes and designer for less. While sorting through all the clothing, I found True Religion, Ralph Lauren, 7 for All Mankind, and so much more. The best part of this is, there's barely anything over $50 at Buffalo Exchange!
This is one of the cooler things that Sophie and I found. It's a vintage dress, but we're not quite sure what era it's from. It was only $9.50, but she didn't end up getting it. I'm pretty sure she bought a mustache ring and v-necks.
It was a rather hot day and I was an idiot and wore a sweater...So my first order of business was to find a comfy shirt to wear for the rest of the day. Lucky for me, I found a Calvin Klein shirt for only $14.
I saw this Louis Vuitton tossed aside, so carelessly in a tub. I grabbed it faster than you would believe, when I saw the LV pattern peeking out. The best part is that it only cost $18 and it's real. It was made in France and is made out of silk, not to mention, the stitching is perfect!
I saw this top on someone's blog and have been looking for it, so you can imagine how happy I was to find this shirt for $10 at Urban Outfitters. Originally it cost $58, so I'm fairly proud of my three finds and so is my dad. I wore this top yesterday and my friend Jackie liked it. This is how cool Jackie is. She liked nebulas before the Christopher Kane Resort 2011 collection came out. Yeah, she's that epicly cool. Sophie and Austin spent a lot of time at Urban Outfitters and Aadil bought a hamburger phone for his friend.
After we were done shopping at Buffalo Exchange and Urban Outfitters, Aadil took us to this great place to grab tea. I got a delicious Lychee Shaken Ice Tea, which was absolutely lovely. The best part was that you sat outside and up above, were plants. All the chairs were garden chairs and there was a couch too. If you look at the photo, you can see strands of lights, and I imagine that it must be very pretty,when lit up. I must go back soon! Hope your week has been going well!
Have you gone thrifting lately?


  1. ooh I love thrifting! Nice find on that LV scarf. I love the colors :O

  2. What awesome finds! that Louis Vuitton find is so amazing ;A;!!

  3. oh nice thirfts :3 i saw an adorable sailor dress but it was two sizes too big and i didn't want to alter it :9 so it's still there in the charity shop :(

  4. I never thrifted before, I don't think my mum would allow me too lol! But it seems interesting, haha :P

  5. i havent thrifted lately, but i miss it really much.

    it looks like u got some awesome stuff

  6. Geeky Glamorous-Thanks! I love how bright it is! :D

    serepuff-I'm in love with its brightness! Need to come up with an outfit for it soon! ^^

    Hello Naka-I hate, when I find cute things, but they're not my size...T^T That's the biggest downside to thrifting!

    baby.xi-Haha, this is my first time thrifting! So far, it seems pretty great! X)

    Ken-Ooh, you should go soon since Summer Break is almost here! :3

  7. I own that UO shirt... lucky you for finding it for $10!!!

  8. Madeline and Sophie-It was probably on your blog that I saw it then! :3


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