Monday, June 6, 2011

Let's Play House!

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Before we went thrifting, Aadil, Austin, Sophie and I played house. It was just like kindergarten all over again. Only this time, I didn't play the pet cat and it didn't end up with all of us fighting over who should be married...
It was getting close to lunch time, so we dug around through the cupboards to try to find something for lunch. Unfortunately, there wasn't much to eat, so Sophie decided we should make pancakes. We wanted to have big, colorful pancakes, so we decided Fruit Loops were absolutely necessary.
Sophie and I made a lot of the pancakes together with Austin's help. Aadil was in the next room vacuuming and dusting. He likes things to be super clean, so he had to start making everything sparkly clean in Sophie's house.
All the cool kids are cooking pancakes with their eyes closed now. Just kidding, I just blinked when Sophie took the picture. This was my first time cooking pancakes without my dad's help, so can I get a high five for that?
Our pancakes didn't turn out as colorful as we were hoping for, but they sure tasted good! I was surprised how many pancakes one cup of mix could make!
I also made tuna sandwiches for my friends. I fried up some canned tuna with olive oil, chili powder, garlic salt, and pepper. Then I toasted the bread with butter and smeared mayonnaise on it. Aadil filled the sandwiches with tuna for me. It actually tasted really good, so I was pretty glad. I was afraid that it would turn out to be nasty or something...But everyone ate it and no one got sick, so it's all good! I'm not used to cooking without my dad, so this was good practice. I usually have him to taste my food first, so Austin ended up being the guinea pig. We thank you for your bravery.
Do you ever cook with your friends?


  1. Aww, thanks! And I WISH I WENT TO PARIS!
    I am very lucky to have toughtful friends...

    And those sandwiches look so good! I used to cook with my friends, and then we took a culinary class together in school. :3 It was so fun! XD

  2. awww love this post :) your fruity loops pancakes and your tuna sammies look delish!!!

  3. what a cute post, and awesome that you made those without your dad's help, they look delicious! I am not a fan of cooking so I def don't cook with my friends, but I DO eat what they cook haha!

  4. we cooked spaghetti :9

  5. RurounilnuGirl-That's so cool! I want to go to Paris one day! I would love to take a culinary class too! You live a fun life, it seems! :3

    Lisa-Aww, thank you so much! ^^

    PopChampagne-Haha, I wish my friends were expert chefs! I always joke around with my brother that he needs to marry someone, who can cook and bake! ;)

    Mei めい-Yum, pasta is always so good! Definitely one of my favorite foods! 8D

  6. Hehe...I like the Froot Loops in those pancakes. *^_^* Cooking with friends is so fun! The last time I did was BBQ'ing. =D

  7. Shop N' Chomp-Ooh, BBQ is so tasty! Invite me next time! ;)

  8. Hello Audrey! thank you for your comment! and sorry for my late reply! i've been so busy with school lately. But omg wow you've got more than 200 Hello Kitty plushies when you were young?! wow that's so much! what have you done to them? XD still keep all of them? wahah i'm following you now ;) follow me back? =) xx

  9. Frootloops pancakes sounds AWESOME. also im feeling hungry for some Tuna caserole, sandwich

  10. KyandiiCandy-Thank you for the follow! I actually have all of my Hello Kitty's in storage for when I have a daughter or for when a Hello Kitty museum is opened up! ^^

    Malkavian-Hehe, you should try making some! Both of them tasted pretty good, actually! 8D


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