Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Circus is in Town

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Last Saturday night, I went to an art gallery with Sophie. Wow, Sophie and I have been spending a lot of time with each other, huh? You must think we're lovers! Fear not, we're just friends! Let me warn you, this post is going to have a lot of photos because there was just so much! On the drive there, Sophie and I entertained ourselves by listening to 80's rock and chatting about much other stuff.
The first thing Sophie did was run to the bathroom, so I watched JNGL paint for awhile. I love how bright his artwork is and the cute creatures that fill his canvases.
Look at all his paintings! I love the twisted world that these creatures live in. The figurines on the side were absolutely adorable. Sophie and I wanted to steal them all. By the way, I had to combine some of the photos, otherwise this post would be way too long!
JSalvador's art was so cute and I love the hilarity of it. All of the superheroes stories were altered and you kind of got to see things from their perspective. You should click on the photos to read the pictures.
I liked this lamp because it reminded me of this drawing Gerard Way had done. I love how Mickey Mouse is something so innocent, yet Gerard Way and this artist gave him a dark side.
Look at that! That's hilarity in the form of fruit on the wall! The same artist did the fruit on the wall as the Mickey lamp. Many people got dressed up, but I only got a photo of this girl's top hat. If you're her and want me to take the photo down, let me know.
Click on this photo to enlarge it. Then you can see the ornate frames and read the captions. Once again, the artist, Deanna Rene Adona, twisted the accepted connotations of these fairy tales.
Even though, the theme of the art gallery was Circus, there was a lot of art inspired by Japan. The one on the left was one of Sophie's favorites and the one on the right is by Yuki Miyazaki.
Leyla Akdogan's art wowed me. I love the delicateness of all the lines and the softness to the characters' faces. They all look so innocent and the world that they live in is one I'd like to join.
I love Walt Hall's work and really hope to go to his see more of his art at another gallery (click here for more information). The birds with the top hats are my favorites. I also like the irony of teeth running away from the dentist in the bottom photo.
Here's proof that the theme was Circus. Look at those gloomy clowns by Ken Dougherty. I liked the seriousness of these paintings and the threat of danger that seemed to linger in them. The other thing that was pretty cool was the band there. There was an Asian guy with dreadlocks playing the keyboards, a guy with a beard on saxophone, and a tattooed guy on drums. Pretty intense, eh? I'm pretty sure I went on opening day, so I can't guarantee the band and all of the people dressed up. If you liked these photos and want to see them in person, you can go to 729 S. Spring Street in Los Angeles. I highly recommend it, if you're in the area. However if you're not and want to look at the rest of the paintings, click here.
Do you enjoy going to art galleries?


  1. so amazing! i love the way people express their feelings in art :3

  2. these pictures are amazing, I always love going to art galleries, sometimes i get really inspired

  3. yes, i love art galleries. i think i probably spend a little too much time analyzing each and every small tiny detail in a piece. i just wonder and think about the time and techniques that went into something. at the same time, i try to retain as much inspiration as i can from it.

    my bf probably gets annoyed when i drag him to galleries. i'm glad he's patient with me LOL.

  4. and forgot to say i love the ornamental frames in the alice/hansel and gretel pieces. they really complement and make the pieces.

    also love the last set of paintings. dark and creepy, i like it.

    seeing a painting in person is just so different from looking at an image of a painting on a monitor or book. so many details are missed and just doesn't feel the same.

  5. these pieces are artwork are amazing!! i love going to galleries :)

    haha as for the a. mcqueen shoes.. i can't say for certain because i've only worn them around the house a bit and they feel fine.. i generally don't wear heels for too long periods of time.. just out to dinner.. plus it's not healthy to walk around in heels for long periods of time.

  6. Yes, I do! :D But I don't do it so much. Lately I mostly go in particular to Japan themed art galleries.
    I like the exibition you went to and it's theme, but clowns creep the hell out of me!

  7. All of this Urban art is so amazing. *A*
    The Harley Quinn one broke my heart. ;-; So adorable!

    For the very last picture (with all the clowns) who's the artist for the girl with the long black wavy hair? I love it!

  8. Jazzy E (hivenn)-I know! :3

    ☆ A i k o ☆-I love how artists can reinterpret things through their art! :)

    Pop Champagne-Me too! I used to hate them, when I was little, but now I like them. :3

    a,-I like creepy art too, but more of a Tim Burton creepy, not medieval creepy...Your boyfriend probably likes going with you other wise he wouldn't go. He probably likes it because he gets to be with you! ^^

    Lisa-Same here, I don't wear heels for long...Only for school occasionally! XD

    Piperita Patty-Clowns can be really creepy. In class, we watched a clown phobia video because my history teacher also teaches psychology...It was crazy how scared the lady was! D:

    P o o p e r-The Harley Quinn ones were some of my favorites! :D I don't remember the artist's name. I forgot to write it down. Sorry! I can try to look for it...D:

  9. Thanks for linking me to the art gallery and telling me the name and artist of that painting. :DD I'm looking up more of Dougherty's paintings and I am in love with all of his dark haired females, their outfits and their makeup! I've also looked up JSalvador's stuff through his personal website that you had linked up. I'm having a field day with all of this. XD

  10. P o o p e r-I'm glad you like all of it! I love hearing about people liking what I enjoy too! Sorry for the late reply


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