Monday, June 13, 2011

So This House Burned Down...

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Yeah, so the title pretty much summarizes this whole post. I don't have much to say other than this house burned down, so I drove down to go look at it. That's about it, but on the bright side, I got some pretty beach pictures...Man, this post is going to be rather boring, but hey, this time I have an excuse. I'm studying for Finals and I'm only posting this out of guilt for not posting in five days.
The house in the middle was destroyed completely to the point, where only a chimney was left. The people who own this house accidentally left their fireplace on and then went out to have fun. Then the house caught on fire...Interestingly enough, they had been trying to sell the house too.
I feel bad for the neighbors next door because I'm pretty sure they'll have to tear their house down and rebuild. Plus, all their belongings must be rather soggy because it rained the morning I went. The roof sank in and it was very sad, at least to me. Their attic must've been a really cool place to hang out. I would've loved for that to be my bedroom.
The weather was weird that day. It was one of those days, where the clouds were covering up the sun, but the sun was still trying to break through. This is the last photo for today because I need to get back to studying. Only two more days of school. I can almost taste my freedom.
Is it summer vacation for you?


  1. whoa... that's pretty nuts.. i dont' think i've actually ever seen a real house burned down like in real life.. just on TV.. that must have been crazy to see IRL!!

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  3. their attic must have been a wonderful place to stay hours reading. maybe they had tons of photos and antique things hidden in there, but now we will never know if has or not :s

  4. omggg pooor housee!!!!><

  5. Lisa-I've never seen a burnt down house other than on TV before, so that's why I decided to go...

    Ken-I'll check it out, when I have time! :3

    ☆ A i k o ☆-You're right, they probably had all sorts of treasures up there!

    Savannah Burton-Me too! (Finally! XD)

    Thisisalx-I felt bad for the neighbors too! ;~;


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