Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Draping the Dress

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Reading: When the Emperor Was Divine by Julie Otsuka
First of all, I want to wish all of you a happy 4th of July! I hope you have a great day filled with family and friends and of course, great food. Tell me your plans for today in the comments, ok?
I attended FIDM's Three Days of Fashion awhile ago and one of my favorite classes, Draping the Dress, was one of the few classes, where I took tons of photos. I partnered with my fashionable friend, Jessy, to create all of the dresses you will see today. This one was inspired by this Dior dress and it took awhile for us to pin it all down, since it was so heavy.
We picked up the floral trend from Dolce&Gabbana S/S 2011, but we didn't do too well because this dress looks very middle-age to us. It might be the fabric we used or the bottom half. Either way, we scrapped this design and started on another.
Inspired by Emilio Pucci S/S 2011, this dress was our absolute hardest. The fabric kept on bunching without our permission and the pins would fall off of the mannequin on this one.  I thought in the end, this was one of our better designs. Jessy did a great job on the back, while I did the front. This is the only one of the dresses, where we actually thought through both the front and back.
We were running out of time, so Jessy chose the most awful fabric we could find, but it turned out fairly nice in my opinion. The top is a bit saggy, but we could've fixed that, if only we had more time. It reminds me of this Oscar de la Renta dress. We weren't allowed to cut the fabric and there weren't any ribbons, so that's why the waist tie is so huge and fluffy.
What did you do on the 4th of July? This post was supposed to be up yesterday, but my computer was acting up, so it couldn't happen...


  1. draping! I wish i had such a skill and such a great sewing machine to coping XD i wish i could have attended the class with you! and sorry for the late comment :(

  2. wow amazing.. you're so talented.. the draping on those dresses are outstanding!

  3. wow you are really talented! I wish I got such skills!

  4. Hello Naka-We actually never sewed them together because the fabric is reused for other classes. I can see where sewing it together would be very difficult.

    Lisa-Thank you! I had a lot of help from my friend Jessy! ^^

    Pop Champagne-Thanks! It was really fun! :)

  5. thanks for the sweet comment tehe yeah I fell in love with people's outfits that day so adorable!

  6. Hello Naka-You're welcome! Their outfits must've been great inspiration, huh? :3

  7. U are so talented!!!!!! Omg I wanted to buy one of those mannequins so I can sew better but I heard some Chinese superstition now I'm scared lol!!!

  8. Nea-Thanks! :3

    ThisIsAlx-What's the Chinese superstition? :3 I want to buy a mannequin so I can sew clothing easier, but they're kind of out of my price range! XD


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