Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Note to All Shopper: Visit Waikiki and Alo Moana

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From the night of July 6th to the early morning of July 10th, I was in Hawaii on Oahu. I have so many relatives on Oahu, probably hundreds of them! It's been around 5-6 years, since I've visited Hawaii. Whenever I visit Hawaii, it's for family reunions and family problems. The only time I go is when there's a huge party or a disaster. Contrast, much? Luckily, this visit was for a happy occasion, my Grandparent's 50th Wedding Anniversary. I might do a post on that later on. I'm not sure yet. However, I took pictures at the DFS Galleria and at the Alo Moana mall for all my readers because I think you'll all value the cuteness of it all.
Oh my goodness, look at that! I love Marc Jacobs and he is one of my three favorite designers in the whole wide world. He's a genius. What can I say? I was so ecstatic to find both a Marc Jacobs store and a Marc by Marc Jacobs store because there's none close to me or within driving distance.  I can't believe they have one in Waikiki's DFS Galleria.
However, I didn't buy anything from the store because everything I wanted was winter clothing and my mum was not willing to buy winter clothing for me, when it's over 80 degrees outside. The one thing I was thinking about getting was this necklace that says MARC, but then my mum pointed out to me that everyone will think I'm dating a guy named Marc. Silly kids at school think every guy's name on your clothing is your boyfriend. I had to explain one time that, "No, Andrew McMahon is a singer, not my boyfriend. Just because I wrote his name on my arm doesn't mean he's my boyfriend."
I had to go to the Sanrio store at the Alo Moana store. In fact, that was one of my main goals to get done, while in Hawaii. This cute mosaic welcomes you into the store.
The inside is just as cute with the Sanrio logo and a tanned Hello Kitty. Is there anything more cute than Hello Kitty?
Here's a note to travelers, Sanrio sells adorable postcards. In fact, I had to buy a few for my friends. I hope they got them and they didn't get lost in the mail...
I bought some stuff for myself and a small gift for Rebecca.  The deco stuff was such a good price, so I couldn't pass on that and I love omusubi, so I couldn't pass on the little Hello Kitty charm. Yes, it does look like sushi, but the pink stuff on top is really Spam. Then the stationary pads were adorable, so I bought one for Rebecca and one for me. Both Waikiki and Alo Moana have tons of designer stores, so if you're a heavy duty shopper, visit these two places. In fact, I'll join you, when you go.
Who's your favorite Sanrio character?


  1. the postcard was cute :D and thanks for buying me stuff! you shouldnt have ; w ;

  2. i used to be in awe of badtz maru, but I think its kerropi or monokuro boo now XD and i love the postcards pretty cute :3 ! it was nice of you to buy some for your friends, i hope they don't get lost too!

  3. KAWAII !!
    Hello Kitty ! I love hello kitty damn much !! xD

  4. Hawaiian kitty is sooo cute *___*

    My favorite Sanrio character is Keroppi! I really loooove Keroppi because I'm crazy about frogs xD

  5. omg so cute!!!!!
    hello kitty of course!!! haha

  6. I go crazzzzy if I see anything that's related to Sanrio *o*
    I have so many favorite characters really... but I think number one gotta be Hello Kitty :) I also like Purin, My Melody and Badtz Maru!


  7. R E B E C C A-I always have to get you a postcard and you're one of the few friends I have, who likes stationary, so I had to! :D

    Hello Naka-Aww, Keroppi is so cute! I love his little suit! :3

    Mei めい-Same here! High five! 8D

    Kasui-I love frogs too! I used to collect frogs, but I've stopped now! XD

    derek-'Course! Everyone loves her! :)

    Ice Pandora-I love all your choices! Purin is so cute, but it's so hard to find Purin stuff, where I live! D: My Melody and Badtz Maru are adorable too, like Hello Kitty! ^^

  8. I love all the hello kitty stuff you got! and lol to people thinking you're dating a dude named Marc, I would assume Marc would be you love Marc Jacobs!

  9. Lottie-Mhmm! :3

    Pop Champagne-Exactly! No one thinks of that at school that maybe I love a designer, not some guy! XD My brother is actually friends with a guy named Marc Jacobs.

  10. JEALOUS! my absolute favorite mall in the ENTIRE US is ala moana.. i sometimes dream about shopping at ala moana hahaha.

  11. Lisa-Haha, really? I loved it and how open it was! I'm envious of your Chanel bag collection! X)


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