Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So AX Was Pretty Fun...

Playing: If I Die-Something Corporate
Reading: Cannery Road by John Steinbeck
AX started off with a rough start for me. Alicia and I were a tad late and we spent two hours waiting to get our passes in the registration line. Then my friends, Mindy and Emily, texted me to warn me that they were being evacuated from the building because of a suspicious box that just might hold a bomb. Why would anyone bomb AX? That's so lame. Imagine going to jail and talking to the other inmates about the hardcore thing you did to wind up in jail and all you have to say is, "Oh, I bombed Anime Convention." How lame...But then again, everyone looks kind of sketchy at AX according to Mindy!
To help pass time in the registration line, Alicia and I looked at how everyone was dressed. I liked this girl's headband a lot and she's extremely gorgeous. For some reason I kept on running into her once we got into Exhibition Hall. Some people even took pictures of Alicia and I, while we were in line and throughout the day! I understand why people want pictures of Alicia because she's so pretty, but I looked like a mess that day. The heat was killing me.
This was the first cross-dresser I saw that day, so I had to take a photo. And answer me this, what's better than a guy dressed as a maid, who can actually pull the look off? Yeah, nothing's better than that at AX.
My friend, Daniela, saw this picture on my Facebook and she loved it. These two guys were so funny. I love how both of them are dressed as girls, but kept their stubble! They're dressed as the nurses from Pokemon, right? Sorry, I don't watch as much anime as others...
I'm not sure what character this guy is dressed as, but I thought his costume was intense. How does he drive home? How does he go to the bathroom? How does he eat lunch? So many unanswered questions!
"Things so ridiculously cute, it'll blow your mind for reals." I liked this sign and everyone else did too. Practically everyone stopped to read the sign and had a good chuckle, while looking at this stall. I didn't buy anything, but I still liked this stall.
Hehe, this guy made me laugh. I love how you can see his friend laughing at him in the back. The two of them were working in Artist's Alley and when I asked him for a photo, he had to put his gloves and bonnet on. His friend looked at him and said, "I told you dressing up would make our booth more popular!"
My friend, Rebecca, loves Kuroshitsuji, so I grabbed a photo of these people. Click here to see her AX post. She even has a picture of the shirtless Pokemon cosplayers that I saw. The Pokemon guys were dancing and fistpumping outside, when I saw them.
To finish off today's post, I decided to end with something incredibly cute and sweet. It's Cardcaptor Sakura! She was simply adorable, so everyone just had to crowd around her and take pictures! I'm going to do one more round of AX photos and then I think I'm done.
If you could dress up as anything or anyone for AX, who would you go as?


  1. my day in a sentence-Haha, nice! So just go normally? :3

    LOVEチュー-ありがとう! <3

  2. Hello Audrey,
    Thank you for such a sweet comment/wish on my blog. I always wanted to go to an anime convention. I wish my state would held one soon T_T. If I could dress up as anyone I would be Yuki from Vampire Knight =D. A lot of people want me to dress as Chi in Chobit though but I don't think I could pull off a blond wig. lolz. I see you taking the written test online? The written test is not bad at all. You will be okay as long as you know the basic rules ^^. Aja Aja Fighting!Good luck to you too!
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  3. very cool!! i've never been but i've always wanted to go to see all the costumes in person!

  4. awesome kawaiii pics, seemed super fun!
    thanks for your last comment it was really sweet :3 :3


  5. ~KawaiiPrincess~-Thank you for calming my fears! I'm so scared that I'll fail! T^T I think Yuki would be a good choice. I understand how Chi would be hard. I'm always too scared to try blonde! XD

    Lisa-Some of them are absolutely incredible and so intricate! :D

    Florence-You're welcome! It was really interesting and fun! :3

  6. I LOVE IT when men cross dress for the hell of it! xD

    A bomb threat? DD: Man there's always that one guy stirring up trouble ... I bet it was one of those idiots who thought it would be funny to have a fake bomb threat. :p Though good thing nothing ever happened. o.o

  7. reply/ you'll get a veeeery dirty washcloth XD

    Love the sign of the girl with the green hair!

  8. P o o p e r-You're probably right. Somebody thought a fake bomb threat would be funny. I love cross dressers. Some are so good, you can't even tell that they're men until they talk!:o

    OtherMix-Haha, yeah I can see that with the washcloth. The sign on her head is the reason why I wanted a photo! ^^


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