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Last Post for AX 2011

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Ok, this is my last post on Anime Expo 2011! I know, you're all probably tired of seeing my photos, but I shall continue anyways because AX is just so much fun! All of these photos were taken, while Alicia and I were on our way home. (Like when we were walking out of the building and waiting for our ride to come...)
There were actually two soldiers, but only one made it into this photo because of where I was standing. I love how people were going up to pose with them and it wasn't the normal SMILE FOR THE CAMERA poses.
This was one of the best things I've seen in awhile! It's a green R2D2! I'm a huge Star Wars fan, so I had to take photos of it. Apparently, this was at Comic Con last year? The owner took a photo of Alicia and me with it, so I was wondering, does he have a website? Because I want that photo really badly.
I turned around and this guy was just standing there, so I kind of freaked out. His makeup is so believable and grotesque...It seriously impressed me. Several of hist friends were also bloody with him.
This girl is really pretty. I liked her whole costume, especially the boots and socks. I wonder how she did her eye makeup with the zipper and blood. How do people do that? My friend, Amina, told me they use gelatin or something...
This girl looked so cute and she was so polite. When I asked for a photo, she was sitting down, but then she asked me, if I'd prefer her to stand up or do any special pose. I felt really odd asking her for a photo because I was the only girl to ask for a photo. Don't blame me. I can't help valuing cuteness so much!
When I asked for a photo, he explained he's not dressed up, so I'm assuming he dresses like this all the time, which is really quite epic. It was embarrassing for me to explain that I knew he wasn't dressed up, but I cared about fashion a lot and how punk is SO FASHIONABLE this season. (When I do all capital letters, I do it to show how I know I sound so silly...) He probably thinks I'm a creeper now.
This group of punky, visual-kei people amazed me. All of their outfits were so detailed and they even had shockingly colored contact lenses to top off the whole look. The brown haired girl is really pretty with her elfin features. I love how they all got dressed up with each other. One year, I want all my friends to dress up with a similar theme like school girls, sailors, or something else that's cute. Hear that Amina, Rebecca, Alicia, and any other person that may be joining me? We're getting dressed up next year.
This girl looked so peaceful sitting up in the tree with everyone taking photos of her.  After we were all done photo bombing her, she started to eat her dinner/snack and I felt bad for interrupting her meal...I love how her skirt looks in this photo, don't you? That's it for almost all of my AX photos. I only have two more, which are going to be for a special post. I hope you all enjoyed my AX posts and I hope I get to go next year!
Did you attend AX?


  1. Great AX recaps!! I'm always glad to see posts with lots of pics from AX. I didn't see a lot of these cosplayers!

  2. Geeky Glamorous-Thanks! A lot of the cosplayers you saw were absolutely incredible! I loved your pictures! ^^

  3. Nice photos ^^ I like AX! Everybody look so beautiful :)

  4. MayClover-Mhmm, everyone does their best to look good that day! :)

  5. I'm the chick in the tree! I don't remember eating but hey, whatever. :D Thank you for taking my picture. I am glad you like my outfit. ^_^

  6. Rayne-No way! I loved your outfit! How'd you find my blog? :o

  7. I've been searching monthly for variations of (AX tree girl, Anime Expo 2011 tree, Girl in tree at AX 11..., ETC) in Google images. This month, I found my pic in your blog. And I do remember you are right. Cause I had spilled some of it on my dress and was forever hiding it from photographers. XD

    The outfit came from and I never intended it to work for a cosplay but sometimes, the unexpected happens and bam, you're cosplaying. ^_^


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