Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lolitas at Anime Expo

Playing: When God Made You, He Was Showing Off-Stephen Barnes
Reading: The Tsarina's Daughter by Carolly Erickson
This year I went to Anime Expo more for the cute stuff and all the Japanese street fashions. I especially paid attention to Lolita this year because Anime Expo always has the most adorable girls there! Lucky for me, I remembered to ask for photos!
I didn't ask her for her name, but she was working the Dearie-Lou table in Artist's Alley. Last year, I bought something from her, but this year I couldn't. I had less than $10 by the time I made it to Artist's Alley and everything I wanted was over $10. Next year, I really want to get the Rilakkuma clips she was selling.
She was working the MintyMix table and I bought a little waffle pin from her. Haha, it was so cute and only cost $6. She was talking to her friend, who was taking a photo of her, so that's why she's not looking straight at the camera...She's so cute. Does she have a website?
I met Claudia from Kawaii Goods and I was so surprised. I had no idea she was going to be there. She's absolutely adorable. I wish I had saved some money to buy a cookie pin I saw at her booth. As you can probably see, I was the lamest Lolita at Anime Expo. I should probably dress up more for Anime Expo in a style I'm more comfortable with. I don't really have any Lolita pieces other than the dress, so it's hard...
I saw Oli from LemonTree and I love how she dresses! She's just so adorable! She was talking to a friend, so I felt bad for interrupting her conversation. I didn't know she was going to do the peace sign, so I took a photo while she was moving her hand. Then I felt too shy and embarrassed to take another photo...Her bows are so pretty and I love all the colors they came in.
I saw this girl, while leaving Anime Expo and I just had to ask for a photo. She just looked so beautiful and I like how she looks slightly Gothic with the black lace. I felt bad asking for a photo because she was sitting and texting someone. I felt like I was interrupting something important...I'm planning on breaking down my Anime Expo posts into many posts because I took so many photos. I'll probably do a posts with cosplayers, cross dressers, and all the cool people I met. If any of these are you and you want me to take down the photo or link you, please let me know. 
Have you ever gone to a big convention? If you have, what did you go for?


  1. The first person is Lauren she was one of the Hello Kitty staff girls for Sephora.

    The second person is Minty Mix (Kammie) shes the owner of Minty Mix.

  2. kawaii :3

    visit me if you have time (: (:

  3. Awesome photos!! I've actually never been to an anime expo before. My younger cousins have and it looks like they're so much fun. I have been to a Japanese fair in Japantown here in San Francisco and that was a lot of fun. There was a performance by Harajuku Girls from Japan.

    <3 S.

  4. Mie-Thank you so much! I have to check out her website! ^^

    Florence-Yup, they all look so darn cute! :3

    ((*natsi*))-Thank you so much! :)

    serenadeveryday-Ooh, that's so cool! I would love to see the Harajuku Girls! Living in SF must be so fun!

  5. The second and last girl are my favourite, absolutely amazing!
    I often go to comic conventions in Milan and some are quite big.

  6. Piperita Patty-You live close to Milan or in Milan? I really want to visit Milan one day! It looks absolutely beautiful! The last girl is definitely one of my favorites because she did Lolita in such a different way! :)

  7. Once I saw your latest AX post I had to go look at all of them in order. xD and the first one happens to be about lolitas and your in lolita! <333

    AND OMG, MINTY MIX. ;___;
    She's one of my idols a long with a few other lolitas. Oh god, I've always wanted to go to AX just because of the lolita gathering.

    I'm glad that you had a lot of fun and hopefully next time you'll be able to buy some cutesy stuff at the artist alley. ;-; I know the feeling of just running out of money right when you get to the cute stuff. lol

  8. P o o p e r-If you do, tell me what day you're going! I would love to meet you! You're one of the cutest lolitas out there! :3 Haha, I should've brought more money! It was so silly of me to bring only $30 (including money for lunch).

  9. fascinating! do you have more images of the persons on the photo? i would to cover some of the in my blog. thanks

    email me at maryjiel[at]gmail[dot]com.


    MJ~online scrubs

  10. Drei-Sorry I don't have more images of any of them, but if you tell me which one you like, I can give you a link for them. :)


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