Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Fair (Again)

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Last year I did quite a few posts on the Fair that comes around and this year I didn't take as many photos because the food I ate were the same things as usual. I always get my favorites, so this year I decided to show you some of the art that was there and a little Alexander McQueen exhibit they had. I think this shows that fairs can be more than a feasting zone with wild rides.
Jim Jenkins had several pieces on display. All of them were moving pieces and some played music too. The house on this one moved back and forth, while the lights switched on and off with the birds flying. Not the most amazing piece of art, but certainly very interesting and creative.
This was another Jim Jenkins piece of two carrots dancing, while the globe rotated. I personally liked this piece because the carrots whistled retro tunes to you. I think I liked this one more based on the humor than anything else.
Ben Walker has the most beautiful splatter paint cherry blossom trees. I liked this one especially because it looks as if the tree is floating in the sky and I love surreal stuff like that.
I loved these sad robot paintings and I thought of Wall-E and the robot's search for love. Really, the only facial feature are the eyes and yet it shows so much emotion. A lot of people were taking photos of these paintings by Tommy Orosco and I believe one of them won the blue ribbon for it's section.
In the collections section of the fair, someone collected Alexander McQueen pieces and she talked about his exhibit in New York City.She had three outfits, two pairs of shoes, and a clutch. I'm highly envious of this collection and I would love to own all the pieces. Next year, I should enter my Hello Kitty collection or my Burberry collection.
What do you collect?


  1. omgosh this is so amazing!! the alexander mcqueen collection is AMAZING!! haha maybe i should enter my chanel collection :p

  2. wow this looks so interesting!!! loving the alexander mcqueen pieces!

  3. Lisa-Haha you definitely should! Your Chanel collection against my Burberry collection? That'd be epic! :)

    ShinyPrettyThings-I loved all of the pieces! I wonder how the lady would wear the black jumpsuit...

  4. omgg this is really interesting.. love love all your post!
    thanks for sharing hun!


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