Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quick Update

Playing: Miss You-The Feeling
Reading: Sweet Thursday by John Steinbeck
I've been busy lately trying to finish up all my summer assignments for school. I'm almost done with all of my summer assignments except for a few questions on Chemistry, which I'm going to ask my dad about and some maps for History, which Clare and I are planning on doing together. I have a study group this afternoon to help us double check answers, ask for help, and get boba! I'm trying to cram so much into the last few days of summer that I'm starting to get stressed. Not to mention, my laptop is having a hard time charging and stuff.
I went to Little Tokyo, Chinatown, and Olverra Street in Los Angeles in one day! It was extremely hot, so my family and I were like slugs, when it came to how fast we went. While in Chinatown, my family bought some dried plums and the people there were very nice and gave us a bag full of Guava candies for free. Then in Little Tokyo, I went to Q-Pop Shop hoping to buy a pair of fingerless gloves I saw there a few weeks ago. They no longer had them, so I grabbed a Mighty Harajuku pin.
In Little Tokyo, they have all these wishes tied to trees. Some are really sweet, while others are funny. One person wished for "super powers or world peace would be a decent alternative." I liked reading all of them and I was tempted to buy a piece of paper for my wish. If you go to Little Tokyo now, they have all these wish trees everywhere!
Towards the beginning of summer, I went to Amina's birthday party and Erica was there! I met Erica through Rebecca and I loved her shoes. They're floral Doc Martens. I was tempted to hunt down a pair for myself.
Someone my dad knows makes all these animals out of vegetables in her free time as a hobby. She made a duck for me because I really adore ducks. She made it out of squash and carrots, so I was pretty amazed. It always surprises me what people can make with simple things.
I was walking around Old Town Tustin awhile ago and I ran into this house. I love it, especially the stars in the window. I would love to buy this one day, when I'm a billionaire. It would be lovely to move into a Victorian style house...

I've had this song stuck in my head for the past few days because of P o o p e r. I first watched Kyary on P o o p e r's blog and I think Kyary is adorable. I love all the weird faces she makes. (To see them, click here.) I can't help, but like her. The Japanese still come up with the most interesting and cute singers. I saw her on the cover of a magazine yesterday and I almost bought it...Noticed how many times I was tempted to buy something in this post? I've also been exercising self restraint this summer. I need to be extra harsh, when I go clothes shopping.


  1. i love ericas doc martens too :3 and i love the badge :3

  2. oh man those shoes are so cool!! and the duck is so cute. it amazes me that ppl can be so artistic while i have trouble drawing a circle sometimes LOL

  3. I love those doc martens too ):. Old Town Tustin huh? I pass by that house a lot o-o or at least it looks so familiar.

  4. i think being a bird would be pretty awesome too :3

  5. Hello Naka-Haha, her Doc Martens are the best ones I've ever seen! Being a panda would be great too! You can be lazy and people think it's cute! :3

    ShinyPrettyThings-Don't worry! Circles are actually hard to draw, so my Geometry teacher gave us poker chips, so that we could draw them faster! XD

    Cathy-You do? That's so cool!

  6. /reply/ i forgot about the miu miu collars they look amazing! i hope i can make some similiar :3

  7. Hello Naka-If you do, I definitely want to see it! :)


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