Monday, August 8, 2011

What I Ate in Hawaii

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Most of the places I ate at in Hawaii were places my dad went to as a child or spur of the moment decisions, so I cannot give a thorough review of what the whole island had to offer. While in Hawaii, my family always tries to go to the same places we go to year after year. Next time I go, I will try the Egyptian place and more of the Japanese places.
Zippy's is a chain fast food restaurant in Hawaii that I always go to. I usually get the saimon or the Zip Pack! The food is a good price and great for a picnic at the beach. The saimon is standard, but the Zip Pack is delicious. It includes fried chicken, BBQ beef, and other delicious meats.
Gulick's Delicatessen is my dad's favorite place on the whole island. We always grab some food from there before we go the beach. I got garlic chicken, spam musubi, shrimp tempura with teriyaki sauce, and some sort of chicken noodle. I highly recommend the noodles and shrimp tempura. The musubi is standard, but it still tastes good. The garlic chicken was a tad too tough for me, but the flavor was delicious!
At Shimazu Store, they offer up some delicious shaved ice that's so finely shaved, it feels like powder. They thoroughly soak your shaved ice in syrup, so every bite is fruity and delicious. What you see above is a small guava and passion fruit shaved ice with creamy hapia on top. The small is huge and I highly recommend paying extra for the bowl otherwise your shaved ice will tip over.
If you're tired of Asian food, then head to Good to Grill. I got the Garlic Ahi, which was very tender and delicious. The fries were good and were served with a wasabi mayonnaise. The mashed potatoes I can't really remember, so they must've been average...
At Chibo Okanimiyaki, you get to create your own Japanese pancake with whatever you like and it's the same price no matter what. I got mine with scallop and prawn, while my mum got her's with scallop, mochi, and cheese. Both were delicious and there was actually a lot of seafood in both of them. It's definitely aimed at people from Japan because both of the waiters we had could only speak ok English and most of the other diners were Japanese. The menu was easy to use, but half of it was in Japanese.
Outside Leonard's looks like a dump, but the food is really good. My dad has been going there, since he was little. The Portuguese donuts are extra dense and chewy. There's so much sugar on them that my fingers looked crystallized by the end of eating them.
Tsukiji offers a Japanese/seafood buffet. My grandparents think the food is "classier and fresher" than the food at Todai, but I beg to differ. I thought the food was only ok and a lot of the food didn't taste all that fresh to me. The sushi had so much mayo sauce on it that you couldn't really taste the fish in it and the udon (pictured above) was not freshly made. The fish cake was dried out. However, it is a family place and you could see little kids there and grandparents too. At night, it becomes a nightclub for all you crazy party animals.
I just got back from Istanbul, Turkey and I loved it. At the moment, I'm suffering from jetlag. I woke up at 5:00 AM and in Turkey it would've been 3:00 PM, so I woke up starving. I need to organize my photos, but I'm probably going to do a lot of posts on it because I loved Istanbul!


  1. so lucky!! i'm missing hawaii and hawaii food so badly!! i know this sounds weird but i MISS ZIPPY'S SO BADLY.. the chicken chili mixed plate is one of my all time absolute favorite things to eat haha.

    i LOVE south coast plaza mall.. come to think of it i love ala moana too haha.. but if the SA's at burberry know you you must be there lots hahaha :p

  2. Lisa-Zippy's is actually one of my favorite places to eat in the whole world. I'll try the chicken plate next time! Pretty much all of the high end designer stores know me because I love to look and at Barney's/Burberry, I'm known to splurge every so often. :)

  3. Oh my God, all of the food looks so yummy! I'd love to try the shaved ice and the garlic chicken. xxx

  4. cool!!!

    xoxo from rome

  5. So yummy fooood *_____*

    I love ice with syrup, but I can't find it here in Spain DD:
    Only italian ice cream u.u

  6. Natasha-Hehe, I'll share some with you next time! ♥

    kcomekarolina-Mhmm! :)

    Kasaui-Italian ice cream is super yummy too! Gelato, right? Or do you mean Italian ice? Both are great! :3

  7. Oh my gosh that food looks delicious! I'm craving everything now! :3

  8. Eileen-Me too!I really want some food from Zippy's! ^^


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