Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mission San Juan Capistrano

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Yesterday I spent the day playing badminton and tennis with Tina, Tiffany, and Vivian, so I didn't get to organize my photos from my trip. So, this is just going to be a quick little post about what I did in between Hawaii and Turkey. I like showcasing California and the USA because I love my country and where I live. Also, California has a lot of Mexican influence because California was part of Mexico before it became an American state in 1850.
The mission consists of some ruins, beautiful gardens, and a church that still holds mass. It's very beautiful and you should grab the audio tour because it's free and you learn so much more with it. The inside of the church is very elaborate and it has a special room for St. Peregrine, the patron saint of cancer. Many people go there to pray for recovery of loved ones or themselves.
Outside there are many native Californian plants and two koi ponds. Many people get married here or take their wedding pictures here. On the day that I went, there were four brides and a wedding party, so they set out tables and a stage.
Right across the street is Pedro's Tacos, which sells delicious Jarritos in a wide range of flavors. I got Tamarind, which is often found in Mediterranean food. Who knew Mexicans like tamarind too?
For $2 each, you can get tasty desserts like churros and flan. I highly recommend the churro, which has a caramel filling. Very tasty and unexpected. The flan was prepackaged flan that you can find at any Mexican supermarket, but for $2, what do you expect? My brother got a burrito and said it was very good, so go try Pedro's! While I was there, I ran into a guy I haven't seen for three years. He didn't remember me...No one seems to remember me, when I say hello to them. Oh well, he wasn't a close friend, so whatever!
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  1. i LOVE churro's!! but a churro with caramel that sounds SO crazy good!!

  2. Lisa-It is! I love it and want one right now! XD

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  4. Administrator-Thank you and I prefer you don't advertise on my blog. ^^

  5. Wuooaahh~
    I like the garden ^u^
    It will be a good spot for my hunting~
    hihihi :D

    Seems, I must keep my money to go to there X)
    *Hope, I can do it*

  6. M.Y.V-Good luck saving money! Hope you can make it one day! :3


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