Thursday, August 11, 2011

What Do You Do?

Playing: Can You Feel It-One Night Only
Reading: Harper's Bazaar August 2011
My friend, Rebecca, was wondering what I do with my time during summer break and it made me think about what I do. This summer I've spent an inordinate amount of time traveling and I'm not quite done for the summer too. I went to Hawaii and Turkey already and I'm still going up to Northern California soon too.
I've been doing charity events like planting plants for my city, where I ran into my good friend, Sarah. When I'm not doing charity events, I'm hanging out with my friends doing normal teenage-y stuff like watching movies, playing sports (badly), going to the mall, and just walking around town. I've also spent time with my partner in crime, Tina, trying to get through all our makeup hours for art class no matter how torturous it feels.
I've been obsessing over Olivier Green because I've been watching Project Runway. Did I mention he has the most charming British accent? An Asian boy with a delightful accent, who loves fashion and can sew! Does it get better than that? I love boys, who love fashion.So far, there's only been two episodes, so I hope he doesn't turn out to be a jerk or a cruddy designer. He won a challenge and seems very pleasant so far. Fingers crossed! Also, I think this is going to be a great season for Project Runway and Tim Gunn makes the show so much more interesting!
I just bought tickets to see Jack's Mannequin with The Academy Is... and Lady Danville. I'm pretty excited to see Andrew for the fourth time. He only gets better for me. I'm trying to convince my friends to go to the A Rocket to the Moon concert with me and the Blink 182 with My Chemical Romance concert. I'm super excited to see My Chemical Romance! It's Gerard Way! He wrote my favorite comic book series and he's part of one of my favorite bands! I saw A Rocket to the Moon already, but I want to see them again, so that I can sing "Like We Used To" really loudly. I hope Breanne and Chelcee can go to the Blink 182/My Chemical Romance concert with me.
I've been doing my summer assignments too for the Honors and AP classes I'm taking next year. Haven't started my science ones yet, but I'm almost done with English and halfway done with History. I should restart on my schoolwork soon. Why would I post a picture of me studying and doing homework, when I could put a picture of Olivier writing?
My friends, Amina and Rebecca, have been writing me letters for years now, so I've been writing letters too! I've started to use all my cute Japanese envelopes this summer, but I can't use them for Rebecca's letter because my letters to her never fit in them. However, I've started to perfume my letters to Rebecca to make them extra nice. For Rebecca, this is our 3rd year writing letters and for Amina, I think we just reached our 1 1/2 year mark?
I've also been watching a lot of the movies that I've been dying to see. Never Let Me Go had three of my favorite actors/actresses of all time, so I had to watch it. The ending was so incredibly sad that I almost cried, while watching it and that says a lot. There's only been two movies that have made me cry. Other than Never Let Me Go, I've also enjoyed Date Night, 27 Dresses, and Red Riding Hood. There were two movies my brother introduced me to this summer that I loved and they're Moulin Rouge! and 500 Days of Summer. I watched Moulin Rouge! three times in one week and it happens to be one of the movies that I cried at.
What have you been doing this summer?
Photos of Olivier are screencaps from Project Runway: Season 9 Episode 2 and the Jack's Mannequin picture is from here and the Never Let Me Go photo is from here.


  1. I've been nothing but relaxing in the Summer haha
    Ohh that Oliver Green is interesting :o I love guys with an UK accent haha <3
    I wonder if he's gay or not thehe?


  2. Ice Pandora-I certainly hope not, but then again, most of the designers on that show are...D:

  3. omgosh you went to turkey?! that's so cool that's def on my top 5 lists of places to visit!

    you should def get a maxi dress.. i was scared of them for a long time.. because i was afraid they would make me look short and stumpy.. and they actually streamline your body!!

  4. Lisa-Yup, you should definitely go there one day! The scarves are incredible! I'm afraid of getting a maxi dress because I do a lot of running around in my life, so jeans are still more practical. D:

  5. Gerard wrote a comic book?! O: I've always knew that he was into comics but didn't know he created a series. :D

    Sounds like you've had a VERY productive summer with all the traveling and school work though since I've never had AP/honors classes what kind of assignments they give you prior to the start of school? o.o haha sorry for asking something like this ^^;

    Olivier is indeed very attractive! >__> Hopefully he'll make it far on Project Runway that way you'll have a collection of screencaps of him! xD

  6. I've been to cruising with my mum!! Yeeep! across the Baltic Sea *____*

    It was sooo peaceful and nice! :3

  7. i like the idea of the perfuming ur letters :3 I thinki'll have to steal that from you :3 and i have alot of homework to do, but i'm planning on waiting after i get my results before i do it :p

  8. P o o p e r-Yeah, it's called The Umbrella Academy. It's a tad strange and confusing at first, but it's very entertaining! *w*

    My teachers have been giving us maps to label and charts to fill in. We have to read some articles and summarizer them. Chapter outlines too. D:

    I'll look like such a creeper by the end of the season because I just dump all my screen caps on my blog...XD

    Kasui-That sounds great! I would love to try that one day! ^^

    Indy-Me too! I've been looking for a bow tie too lately! :)

    Hello Naka-Haha, that's a good idea with your schoolwork! With the perfuming your letters, use a cheap perfume. I'm using body spray! :D


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