Saturday, December 31, 2011

"I Have Fallen In Love"

Playing: Flightless Bird, American Mouth-Iron&Wine
Reading: A Man Young and Old by William Butler Yeats
Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2012 turns out to be a year full of wonders and happiness for all of you. (Wow, I'm so cheesy!) My recent trip to New York was filled to the brim with running around and visiting all of the places my family adores. On my list of must see things were tons of stores that I've been wanting to visit including Alexander Wang. Now my friends make fun of me because I love Alexander Wang so much. What's not to like? He's talented and very handsome. Enough of my day dreaming, here we go onto the pictures!
After walking around SoHo and going through the normal "Dad, I'm hungry" conversation, I finally found the Alexander Wang store. I ran up to it and was ecstatic to find it. "Audrey, aren't you hungry still? Want to grab lunch?" my dad asked. "No, food can wait until after this," I told him.
Heh heh, isn't it glorious? I heard he's opening more stores in Europe and Asia, but I really want him to open one in Los Angeles for me. If he did, I would love him even more than I already do. I must come off as a creeper right now, huh? Well here's a disclaimer, I'm not a creeper.
You're not supposed to take photos in the store, but I did because I'm sneaky like that. So I guess this is top secret stuff, since they didn't want these photos to be taken...Literally everything on this shelf is something that I would love to have, especially those black boots and buckle purse in the lower left hand corner.
And one more photo to show how beautiful his store is. It was so spacious, clean, and modern. I loved how all the employees fit the Alexander Wang image: androgynous and beautiful. This store along with my favorite Italian bakery were the two main attractions for me in New York. Fashion and food, what great things!
While going through the store, I found something that makes me very happy. They only had two left and I'm so glad I was able to grab it. There definitely will be a post to reveal my acquisition to all of you. Anyways, I hope 2011 was good to you and that 2012 will be even better. I have to go now because I have to go help my dad cook dinner for us and our guests. Cheers to all of you!

PS Title is taken from the song "I Would Do Anything For You" by Foster the People.


  1. Flightless bird, american mouth!!! Aww I love this song a lot :D Happy new year!

  2. cute ! very cute ! :) Happy New Year !!!

  3. Ooooh, can't wait to see what is inside that box! Happy New Year! :)

  4. He's one of my favorite designers for every day wear? Did you see my shoes in the nye post? Theyre his fabianas! Do reveal what your goodie is! Im sure its amaze!

  5. DaphYin-Do you like any of their other songs? If so, which ones? I would love recommendations! :D

    Glamorous Girl-Thank you! Happy late New Year! :)

    littlemissandrea-Hehe, I'll reveal it soon! ^^

    Summer-Raye-It's a surprise! ;)

    LC-I just went to go and look at them! They're real stunners! If you get anything else from him, let me know. 8D


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