Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rune Boutique Debut Party!

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Reading: Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro
Celebrating the works of Rune Naito and kawaii culture, Rune Boutique was an amazing party held at Royal/T Cafe in Culver City. I found out about this party from the Sweet Streets Gallery Opening I went to and decided to bring a crew of friends with me. Tina and Tiffany came along like last time, but this time, we had the joy of bringing along Sophie.
After waiting in line for over two hours, the first things my friends and I did was go to the pop up shop because I was dying to buy a star clip from 6% dokidoki. We ended up all buying something, but boy can Tiffany spend! Haha, she bought the most out of any of us! I spent some time talking to another girl about 6% dokidoki by the clothing rack and she was joking about how she should use her college fund to buy all of the cute clothing they had.
While on my way to the register, I saw Onch and he waved at me, so I went over to talk to him for awhile. Sophie took one look at Onch and decided that Onch is the most adorable person we've seen. How can you not love someone who wears a Moschino-esque teddy bear necklace? (My camera cannot take photos in the dark...)
Once Sophie and I were done shopping, we headed to the back to see what was going on and the other two joined us later on. Unfortunately, we're all fairly short, so we couldn't see over the crowd. I had to stand up on my tippy-toes and put my hands way up high with my camera just to see what was going on. Luckily I was able to grab a photo of 6% dokidoki creator, Sebastian Masuda, without dropping my camera.
I'm wearing a Pins and Needles blazer, a Full Tilt headband, a Full Tilt scarf, BDG jeans, an Ann Taylor LOFT top, Converse sneakers, and a Burberry purse. You probably can't see my pins, but I'm wearing a Mighty Harajuku pin, Mr. Toast pin, and a U2360 pin.
Before we left, Tina and I grabbed a photo with Yuka and Vani. They're so colorful and cute! They were very nice and I was surprised at how tall they are. I'm so glad I got a photo with them, since we didn't get to see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu perform. Originally, they said she was going to perform at 9:00PM, but then by 11:00PM, they were saying she would perform in half and hour and we were all starving.
From Left to Right: Sophie, Tina, and Tiffany
We were expecting food trucks, so we didn't eat beforehand, but then there weren't any, so we left early for dinner. Since it was pretty late, there weren't many restaurants to eat at, so we just ate at Honey's Kettle fried chicken.
I guess we're pretty lucky to have gone to Honey's Kettle that night. Ethan Peck, an actor from 10 Things I Hate About You, was there. Tiffany kept on asking me if it was him and finally I told her to just go and ask! It's cool how you can just walk around LA and find celebrities, as long as you watch enough TV and read enough gossip magazines. He was really quite funny and super excited that we recognized him. I suppose it would be pretty cool to be recognized by your fans.
When we were leaving, Sophie looked up at the sky and pointed out this ring around the moon. How unusual is that? I'm surprised that my camera behaved and was able to capture the ring. Does anyone know why this happens? If so, please let me know! If you want to see more event recaps, check out these from other bloggers!


  1. That seems like such a fun time! I so wish I lived in the area so I could catch some of these events ;A;

  2. Looks like you had a great time!
    Happy New Year from New Zealand!

    Feel free to visit my illustration shop!

  3. Nice post! You sure had a wonderful time :) Now following your blog! Thanks for visiting mine!

  4. hello hkittygirl ı m noe your blog member .ıs good u write my blog and we meet pls member my blog too=)see u kısses

  5. so neat!! it's funny how you keep running into onch! haha i heart him he's so adorable!! :)

  6. Seems like such a fun outting! I can give you some info about the moon ring! I'm an astronomy nerd... or wish I were (it was my favourite univiersity class!). Basically it's just a reflection that comes through ice particles. It's called a lunar halo, google it! SOOO cool!! ^^

  7. omg the debut looks so awesome dear !! i bet you had lots of fun. you look pretty there. the clothes on first pictures are adorable indeed. happy new year and have a great year ahead. xx

  8. serepuff-Move out to California, when you get older! You'll have so much fun. :)

    lorenabr-You're from New Zealand? I want to go there one day to see all the sights from Lord of the Rings! (Sorry for the geek moment!) :D

    DaphYin-Thank you for following me! ^^

    Courtney-Aww, you're too sweet! :3

    khaleesistyle-Thank you for the follow! :D

    Lisa-He's everywhere it seems! I'm glad he is because I adore his style! So cute! c:

    MissFeelo-Thank you for telling me that! I'll be sure to Google it and tell my friends! ^O^

    Mitha Komala-Thank you so much! You're prettier though. :)


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