Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sweet Streets Part II

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Reading: In Search of a Good Family by Jane Howard
This post is kind of late, so I hope you don't mind. I've been getting behind on my blogging because of school and I'm sorry that I keep on telling you this. Haha, now on to the point. This time I thought I'd share the art at Sweet Streets instead of just the crazy awesome people I met.
The first painting is by Aguru Mukai and the second is by Kayo Tamaishi. I really like the coloring techniques on these, especially how Tamaishi decided to leave her body uncolored.
 I loved the delicacy used on these pieces by Hiromi Sato. I loved the ornate paintings and the frame made them look even more darling.
The painting by Rudy Fig is beautiful and I love the fanciness of her outfit and the frame. Miss Kika's Pretty Persian Parfait is just to cute and lovable to not talk about.
If that cat in Bei Badgirl's painting existed, it would be my dream cat. I love the chubbiness of the little kitty, just as much as I like all the details put into Yumiko Kayukawa's painting of two lolitas having a picnic.
My photo of the artist's name for the first one is so blurred that I can't read it, so if you know the name, let me know. I liked the contrast of the formal frame and then the brightness of the actual painting. The quartet of painting by HIME+YOU are incredibly adorable and I love how each of them are different, but they all work well with each other.
I liked the dreary color palette of this painting, since it was so different from everything else there. I really liked how Ayami Kawashima made it both melancholy and cute. I also find the way the water blends into the sky to be quite fascinating.
Suzuki Suzuma painted Tina's favorite piece. She wanted plushie versions of the two bunny characters, so I think I'll attempt to make them for her...
I really liked the mixture of new and old in Misa Tsutsui's pieces. The borders are incredibly traditional in their color palette and then the painting is painted in all pastel colors, so the contrast in interesting to me.
I really liked this one because the artist only used a pencil and colored pencils, so it had the most simple materials, but had so much delicacy in it that I really liked this artist's work. I feel like I've been very superfluous today, so don't feel bad if you skip reading this and just look at the pictures.

And just in case, you missed the fashion show, I videotaped it for you. Sorry that I was talking through it and that it's sideways. My camera right side ups all my photos, so without thinking, I just shot it like that. I'm so sorry. Hope you enjoy the video though!


  1. i looove the last piece! so much detail & i love how it was only done w pencil too. beautiful!

  2. this artwork is amazing! i especially love the one with the girl and she has long curly purple hair.. and she has three cats sitting around her! so adorable!

  3. I love those pieces, work like that is so lovely to admire. Suzuki Suzuma i am familiar with. There are so many other artists that we learn about :)

    And your question on the perfumes from my Blog Beeh Adventures, sometimes perfumes can lose scent in the alcohol present in it but they still smell great though.

  4. All these paintings are amazing!! (^^)

  5. ShinyPrettyThings-That one is actually one of my favorites too! :)

    Lisa-Aww, it's so cute and I want each one of the kitties! :3

    Kacrates-Thank you so much for letting me know! I think I'm going to go ahead and buy a few more now. :D

    M'leikie-Me too! ^^

    Sarah-Mhmm! ♥

    Taj Acosta-Me too! I like kawaii art a lot. c:

  6. Wow, such pretty art! I love it!

  7. Arielle-Makes you want to paint, huh? :3


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